Installation of air conditioning wall with their hands

The operating principle of the air conditioner

The operating principle of the air conditioner

In anticipation of the summer heat, many of us now rush to buy air conditioners, to provide for themselves and their households are saving coolness. The cost of the cooling room units depends on the manufacturer, its power and functions. But do not forget, as in the air conditioner of the installation you have to spend. And in order to save a little family budget, we will tell you, how to mount the wall conditioner with your own hands. In order to do the right thing and avoid the top mistakes, you should be familiar with principles of the of the air conditioner and its installation.

The operating principle of the air conditioner

    • Air conditioning provides cooling due to the coolant, which falls under great pressure in the evaporator itself.
    • This process contributes to the formation of a kind of dew, which settles on the evaporator walls and later flows through the pipe for drainage to the outside.
    • Meanwhile, the compressor removes the pair of the coolant from the evaporator.
    • After that, cooling the pair get into the chamber condensation, where and are transformed back into a liquid. This is how the air conditioner Wall.

important points, which should take into account when installing the air conditioner

      • Installation of wall mounted air conditioner with your own hands, it is desirable to produce during the General repair, since the dirt and noise can not be avoided.
      • Do not install wall-mounted air conditioning in the locations of stationary heating: over a radiator, kaminami or pechami.
      • Not desirable to have a split – system behind the curtains, or any other home furnishings, which would interfere with the flow of cold air from the apparatus.
      • You can not locate the air conditioner in rooms, which are equipped with other powerful electrical appliances to avoid any electronic interference.
      • Remember, that when installing the air conditioner indoor unit it is necessary to have an outer well below the indoor unit. This approach to setting considerably lighten the work of the compressor itself.
      • Be careful to the formation of all sorts of small trash in the room. It can clog the pump, that very soon will bring the device out of action.
      • Avoid U- shaped bend tube. So it will accumulate all kinds of bacteria, which will subsequently poison the air in your room.
      • When installing a wall air conditioner clearly create a complete seal all joints, since possible leakage or evaporation of the coolant in its boiling state.

Tool, necessary for correct installation

Select a Destination

Select a Destination

      • For work on the installation of wall-mounted air conditioner you need such tools:
      • A drill for forming a hole in the wall with a diameter of about 10 cm.
      • Useful to you and armaturentafel for the proper placement of holes.
      • Must have a pipe cutter, which will help create a soft cut tube. Thus you avoid metal dusting, which, got a tube, soon clog the filter. For pipe cutter must be accompanied and a good set for the commission of expanding all conditioned pipes.
      • Rimer, which will carefully sanded the ends of the tubes of the circumcision.
      • Normal hand pump, by which it will be possible to check the tightness of the whole system.
      • Pump vacuum, which will clean the air conditioning systems before launch.
      • The devices for carrying out electrical work of the tester and indicator.
      • And also – pressure gauge.
flaring the pipes

flaring the pipes

Important during the flaring of tubes

                • When buying pipes for air conditioner, Try to take the whole pipe, rather than cutting pieces.
              • With the help of special tool do a scraping and test tubes. In the first case, the tube is required to hold down the end. Circumcision of the pipe itself it is necessary only to make a circular motion.
              • The tubing is necessary to make them insulation.
              • Installation of wall mounted air conditioner, you must install the outdoor unit. To do this, choose a place, which is not subject to intense illumination sunlight. If there is no such, you will have to build a visor.
              • For installation of the outdoor unit must be secured to the wall of the balcony Special support brackets, which itself is mounted unit. If the outdoor unit is not mounted from the balcony, then carry out work above the second floor is not recommended independently.
              • Now make a hole in the wall to the outlet tube and communications.
              • The next stage is the placement of the wall mounted air conditioner.
              • After that, both fixed unit, you can mount the entire electrical system, connecting all the terminals of the same names between a.
              • After checking the unit for leaks, (using a soap solution, applied to all construction joints) it can run in the test mode. If a leak is found, should tighten the joints stronger.

If all goes smoothly and smoothly, the machine is ready for operation!

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