Installation and connection of an intercom system in the apartment

Install intercom own course difficult, but it is possible. We just need to strictly follow the instructions. Despite the complexity of self-installation, you can save some cash. Before starting work, you need to prepare the tools and choose the installation kit.

Options intercom

Options intercom

Choosing the intercom kit for installation

The easiest option is to set, which consists of a calling device and audiotrubki. Optionally, you can set the video intercom. This embodiment includes a tube, videoglazok and screen, which is mounted on the door itself. To properly install the intercom, Observe sequence when connecting color cables.

The most convenient for installation device is audiovyzyvayuschee, which is located in the front door entrance. In most cases, the decision on the installation of the intercom come all inhabitants of an entrance, and generally preferred the Standard Model. A video intercom advantageously installed in houses and private homes.

Cabling and site selection for installation

Selecting a location for the intercom

Selecting a location for the intercom

Placing the handset can be absolutely anywhere. The only thing, that it is worth considering, so is the level of audibility in the room. If the call is not heard, then at this point it is best not to put. Typically, installation and connection of an intercom system in the apartment is carried out next to the front door. The most difficult part in the self-installing intercom is laying cable. You need to know, where is the end of the cable, which leads to the calling device near the front door. Usually, it is inside the shield on the landing. As soon as the right cable is found, it is necessary to extend, combining the twisted pair, which goes directly to the intercom.

It should take into account the fact, that the cable must not exceed 40 m, since the greater the removal of the signal will be unstable.

The elongate wire extends into the interior of the wall. To do this, the individual channels are doing in the wall, laid before a special attachment for drills. Once the wire is set in the special channel, it is embedded alebasterom, and then shpaklyuyut. And if you do not want to drill the wall, then there is an option with plastic channels, installed along the door frame. In the front room cable easily fits in a corrugated pipe, but first, be sure to inspect it for wrinkles and sagging. And still need to follow, that the wire does not pass along the power cable. Usually together with a set of intercom comes cabling layout and installation of intercom.

Setting intercom handset

And in the last tube mounted intercom. This step is much easier than previous. First you need to make a mark on the wall, which will be installed attachment. Then it marks drilled holes and inserted into their wooden dowels or Chopyk. And then they set screws. Next to the intercom connected necessary wires, and it is set to the desired location. If done correctly, then the system will work. And if the intercom is not working, it is likely, something was not done according to the instructions.
And if we talk about the cost of installation, together with the cable, then it will take about ten thousand rubles.

Connecting the video door

installation of video intercom

installation of video intercom

Today, many people are installing video intercom think about its combination with the access system. It's definitely more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. If you combine two video on one monitor, it eliminates the need for multiple devices.
The combination of video intercom with road access is possible in several ways:

  • Install an intercom system, which is already aligned with the access system
  • To install the interface module, which is compatible with video phone access system.

Installation by combining with road access intercom
Before installing, you must know the type of intercom its type. When you are choosing to be guided by the type of drive system. This method is the easiest, but you need to remember a few nuances:

  • No manufacturer of intercoms from Korea does not manufacture a combined video door phones. All the models on sale finalized national experts. Typically, a Russian company buys party intercoms, It builds them and resells interface module as a new product.
  • If there is a failure in the intercom, it will take to repair the monitor, and during his absence would have to shout to the guests out of the window and go down, to open the door. Typically, the repair to last a couple weeks, and its cost is about 50 % from the cost of the new device. Therefore, it is desirable, to installation and connection of an intercom system in the apartment carried out by qualified personnel.
  • Combined intercoms are more demanding to the quality of the access line. Problems can be associated with poor audibility intercom signal or a door is opened from the first pressing.

Installing the interface module

Let's, in this situation to make purchases Korean firms intercom Kocom, the first channel is set with a camera door panel, a coupling module connected to the second channel. interface module is set for the monitor bracket, and eventually an intercom system protects all communications. Alternatively, the module can be installed in a switchboard together with the access line doorphone. If you want to use both the monitor video intercom, then it is possible. interface module in this configuration will successfully cope with their features.

On the module housing are sensitivity adjustment buttons and intercom volume. If they're gone, they can be replaced without problems on new. In both cases the essence of the work is the same, the only difference in voltage modules, and if an access system fails, then you can continue to use the video intercom.

The intercom kit includes a manual with step by step actions. The wires must be connected according to the scheme. To the connection was strong, at the end of the line you need to put the connection terminals. Connecting videoglazki carried out in accordance with the scheme. Be careful when installing the terminal, in case of error can damage the housing intercom. Then set videoglazok. It is necessary to mark the spot, in which the cable will be laid from the intercom in the apartment to videoglazki.

Then, a hole is drilled for the fixing dowels and clog. plastic fasteners through the hose is attached to the wall. Usually the eye is set in the central part of the door for a better view. Next door to the need to make a hole, and if it is already there, it is necessary to commensurate with the diameter of its eye. From the side of the entrance the eye looks in the usual way, and it should be set within the plug.

All actions should be done with great caution, so that nothing is damaged. It only remains to connect the device to a stationary wire. Intercom connected and remains only to verify its performance.

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