Chicken French in multivarka

79fe45Chicken French in multivarka, baked with mayonnaise and cheese, a particularly, fragrant and delicious.
Chicken soaked juice, and vegetables produced under a crust of melted cheese. In the same time, It turns dietary dish, because it does not contain excessive fat and is not subjected to roasting.

Chicken French in multivarka

To cook the chicken in French in multivarka, we will need:
chicken breast (or the flesh of beef or pork) – 400 g, potato - 0,3 kg, bow - 1 PC., tomatoes - 5 PC., Champignon mushrooms - 200 g, egg - 1 PC., mayonnaise - 2-3 st.l., hard cheese - 150 g, salt, spice, herbs to taste, vegetable oil.
How to cook the chicken in French in multivarka?
1. Chicken breasts wash, obsushivayut, cut into portions and slightly repel, solim, plumelet.
2. Prepare the vegetables and herbs - clean, my, cut into: bow, potatoes and tomatoes thin round slices, onion - half rings, mushrooms - plates, herbs finely chop.
3. Multivarku set in "Baking" mode 60 minutes, bottom of the bowl with oil and grease should be laid meat.
4. Top layer of meat put onion, potato layer, mushrooms, tomatoes, prisalivaem layers slightly and sprinkle with spices to taste, top lightly press down with a spatula, to make it more compact.
5. The upper layer was carefully daubed with a mixture of whipped egg mayonnaise and cheese portion. We distribute the remaining cheese on top. Close the lid and set the start.
6. Serve with greens, you can add fresh vegetables and green peas.

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