Where to fill a large capacity for a file?

How to fill in the file

How to fill in the file

From time to time, each user there is a need to maintain the necessary data is on your PC. What can cause anything to. From the desire to share large files with your friends and to your computer sale. The need to attach a link to a file to a post on your favorite forum and plans to create backup useful data, which are currently not required to hand in a hard disk memory.

Then all the information is more convenient to save on the same virtual server. Depending on the situation, the question of, where to fill in the file, solved in different ways.

Sharing services and their conditions of use

If you are - beginner or not quite newbie, and meditate, where to fill in the file, or a large number of them, you should get acquainted with popular services - file sharing. Their number is quite impressive, they differ in terms of the download, download, data storage. Attributed to the conditions, you can also:

  • Periods of storage;
  • The amount of data stored;
  • The speed of uploading and downloading files;
  • The presence or absence of charges for the storage of information.

By the way, there is often a fee, though a very symbolic. No wonder, because this service is disk space, a private owner, which the, to all, responsible for the safety of your information. I think, conditions of this kind require a little pay owner sharing. true, you can find such services, where you can fill free file! Information about them, of course, It will always be the way.

Where pour file: useful links

You can start with a simple and intuitive service WebFile. Here, the information is stored for three weeks, i.e - 21 day. When you can download each downloaded file to 800 time, after which it is removed. Pumping occurs in the data stream one, the maximum single file size - no more 20 MB. On the same IP-address, you can load up 100 megabyte, but it's enough, if you want to send data to multiple friends without the use of e-mail. File assign easily remembered number, who need to send to friends. Most pleased with the absence of the need to register.

If you're wondering, which can be filled with large files, convenient option becomes exchanger RapidShare. The downloaded file should be no more than the size 100 MB, but is not limited to the total amount of stored data. Someone can criticize a maximum of 100 megabyte. But if you connect the imagination - you can always choose the files you want (or one very large), Make archive by Winrar, asking at the same backup options:

  • Zero compression;
  • Create parts file, for example, by 90 megabyte.

They can also glue back the same Winrar. And for dessert - incredible shelf-life: the files will be deleted from the exchanger after 100 thousand. downloads! In this regard Rapida rightfully earned the title of best of the services.

Another very good resource is Файлы@mail.ru. Files on it to 100 megabyte stored 5 days, wherein, each subsequent downloading of data increases the shelf life for another 5 day. It should also be noted usability: all clear, clear, distinctly. If necessary and desired, the files may password-protect or add a comment to them.

Now you know one of the most convenient and popular services, where you can fill in the files. But the list of, naturally, not limited to, and you can find other equally successful versions of soul. for example, such well-known recently, как Yandex Disk и Google Disk. The principle of operation of all single exchangers, many of them are completely free, and find them in the search engines - is not working.

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