Feeder for birds with his hands

In winter, the birds must be someone's care. It's cold outside, you need to keep warm and eat. A man can always help them, making a bird feeder with their hands. Previously, schools were given lessons on making bird feeders, but some families have created them and at home. It is believed, it teaches a child responsibility, kindness and caring about someone weaker.
Methods of manufacturing houses for birds have been known for a long time. so, how it is such an interesting thing, as a feeder for birds with his hands?

We select the material for the trough

To get rid of the tedious cutting, drilling and excess waste in the form of sawdust, better to make a bird feeder out of scrap modern materials.
This requires simple materials. Two plastic bottles of various sizes. one, for example, It may be five or three liter, and the second smaller, two-liter or liter. This is necessary in order, to place one container to another, do a little distance between them so, to feed the birds was falling as Eating, and nor all at once. Still need to have tape, knife, markers email, of course, food for birds. As birds goodies can offer cereals, sunflower seeds, bread crumbs. so, all the materials are ready, left to learn, how to make bird feeders with their own hands.

How to make a bird feeder yourself?

In the upper zone of a large bottle with a knife need to cut a hole. It must be smaller than the diameter of a small bottle. This hole will not allow liter bottle slide. Next you need to make inputs for birds, they must be located next to each other. They also cut in the bottle more. These feeders are designed for small birds, such as the sparrow, or tit bullfinch. Inputs desirable to place near the neck of the bottle, to wind blew feed, to be located below the level. The remaining cut plastic parts are not released, of them can make plates for food. This is done simply. First you need to cut out from the cover of a large bottle ring, to it with adhesive tape to stick the so-called saucer made of plastic. Then have a plate ready to be placed on the bottom of the bottle and also sticking tape. A small bottle is inserted into the cut-out down a big bottle neck, the junction of two bottles held together by scotch, to keep out moisture. Between the bottles should be a distance 1-2 cm. In a small bottle is done feed hole for backfilling.
In this way, Easy to get a great feeder for birds with his hands. This is a great noble pursuit, that teaches kindness to adults, and children. It now remains to securely attach the feeder to the nearest tree and fall asleep feed. It is not necessary to suspend it on a rope or wire – so it will wobble and may scare birds. It is much safer to be fixed with adhesive tape or screws.

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