The compact circular saw for home

Types of circular saws

The choice of a circular saw

The choice of a circular saw

Any artisan, economic man is bound to have a set of tools, with which you can carry out a wide variety of repair work on their own. It is sometimes necessary to cut different kinds of surfaces. In this case, come to the aid compact circular saw for home. One of the advantages of this modern equipment is, that it can be used for virtually all materials, including timber, plastic, laminate.

Circular saw - a reliable power tools, with which you can easily and quickly to saw any material, having an inherently timber. Modern construction market offers a huge number of this type of equipment. But how to choose the most appropriate tool, and not to lose in price and quality?

First of all, you need to decide on the, how often saw and what volumes will need to be used to saw. In accordance with the circular saw can be divided into two types:

  • household;
  • professional.

Domestic compact saws for home need to comply with interruptions. After 15 – 20 minutes of the engine it is necessary for some time off, so that it can cool down. Otherwise, the performance will fall sharply and the motor can burn. During this time, you can make a sufficient amount of work. Time between household circular saw is about 30 hours per month.

If you plan a more intense load, you should buy a professional tool. Compact professional type circular saw is not usually need to interrupt work due to the much larger engine life, than the domestic instrument. Such saws are used, basically, in manufacturing. For domestic use them prefer to use the, who quite often do more work. At a cost of such saws about 2 times more expensive than ordinary household models.

Specifications saws

After selecting the type of blade, you need to pay attention to their specifications. From them will depend not only on the tool performance, but also the quality of the work performed, and ease of use electrical equipment. When choosing a compact circular saw should pay attention to such parameters:

  • power;
  • smooth starting;
  • cutting depth;
  • attachment options.

power saws

One of the most important characteristics of the electric motor is power. Usually amounts of power saws 1000 watts 1800 W. The more power, the easier it will saw blade under the influence of the engine. Respectively, it will be less warm, and will not have to interrupt your work for its cooling. If the height of cut board 55 mm power saws 1000 and W 1500 W, the motor with a lower power heats up much faster, more powerful than.

However, a low-power engine has a powerful advantage over: its weight is much less. The less powerful engine is equipped with a saw, so it will be easier, and the easier it will be to work with her. When using a saw with a large weight of labor productivity is not very high, because it will need to make considerable efforts to work with it.

smooth start

When choosing a blade it is necessary to pay attention to, how it is equipped with a start-up. If a smooth start, it will extend the operational life of the equipment. The fact, that when soft start is no sudden surges of the engine, it is not overheated or overloaded. Besides, soft start provides a spindle lock, voltage fluctuations in the mains will not be too noticeable, and not to cause damage to the wiring and will not disturb the normal functioning of household appliances.

cutting depth

Also, compact circular saw for the house is characterized by such an important parameter, as the depth of cut material. Usually it is 50 – 70 mm. Most compact saws provide cutting depth up 50 mm. Such household circular saws are lightweight and feature a disc of small diameter - up 160 mm. This saw is easy to operate.

Models of circular saws for homework, to produce propyl 70 mm, have a diameter of the disc 190 – 200 mm. Usually, Saw such bulky and heavy, However, propyl and get deeper. The choice of a compact circular saw for the house depends on the preferences of its owner. If you intend to work with the boards no thicker than 50 mm, eg, sawing plywood, slab fiberboard or particleboard, it is more convenient to use a small saw.

The angle of inclination of the base

On circular saws, all models have the option to adjust the inclination angle of the base. One must be careful when making the cut at an angle. Usually the angle is not more than 45. In this case, the depth of cut decreases. If the normal position of the circular saw base is at a depth of propyl 63 mm, it is tilted at an angle 45 ˚propil will be only 42 mm, ie reduced by almost 1/3.

Cutting depth and angle, which is of the saw blade to the working surface, You can set and adjust the single control terminals and protractor, located at the base of the saw.

stationary mount

Stationary way to use saws

Stationary way to use saws

choosing a saw, should pay attention to the presence of the possibility of its attachment. At stationary circular saw attachment turns into a mini-lathe. Using special hardware inverted saw attached to the table. In this case, no longer saw itself directly slides on the material, and the board moves through the saw.

This is very useful when a large amount of small uncomplicated operation, when, eg, you need to saw small rails in a sufficient amount. This way you can save a lot of effort. Limiter stop provides a smooth edge when cutting boards. However, not every model is provided with such a convenient device. Sometimes it can be purchased separately from the saw.

Some models of modern, compact circular saw, for the house most of the known production companies have ergonomic body, equipped with elastomeric lining the main handle and auxiliary handle arcuate, which can reliably fix the saw on a steady basis. There is also a model with a powerful cast base, providing a high quality cut, and carbide-tipped saw blade on, to facilitate replacement of the shaft lock is used.

accident prevention

When working with any model of water-regardless of material and scope of work should be strictly observed the safety rules. Included with all models of electrical equipment attached detailed instructions of using the tool.

When working with an electric saw you need to wear protective clothing, that protects the hands and body against dust and small particles of wood or plastic. Safety glasses may be used as desired: modern circular saws are equipped with a special bag, which is going to trash, produced during operation.

During operation of the saw to keep both hands, and a working surface, you want to cut it, – fix firmly and securely. To improve cutting accuracy and excluding the possibility of jamming of the saw blade, you should use the guide bar. If the drive for some reason stuck, you must turn off the saw and then remove the device. If we neglect the off, you can have the perverse impact and thereby cause serious injury. Following the rules of use of the chosen model of a circular saw, you can easily and efficiently perform any workload.

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