When drinking coffee?

3fd48It is estimated, that every day in the world to drink 2,5 billion. cups of coffee. Many people prefer to start the morning with a cup of coffee, others drink it mainly during the day, someone wants to cheer up the evening after work. As reasonably? noticed, that taking coffee at different times of day, It may have a different impact on the state of the body. At what time it is better to drink coffee, not forgetting about the health benefits?

Coffee in the morning

  • It turns out, received the most wise ones, who drink coffee in the morning. After the beverage has an excellent stimulating effect on the body, allows you to quickly tune to the working mood, prepare for the mental work. Besides, improved motor coordination, muscle and heart, cerebral circulation. This is exactly what you need at the beginning of the working day.
  • morning coffee It helps the kidneys to withdraw toxins, have accumulated over night, It acts as a mild laxative, purifying the intestines.
  • Here are just a on an empty stomach to drink is contraindicated, it has high acidity, which can lead to heartburn, diseases of the stomach, and even ulcer. So that, drink a cup of coffee after breakfast, better yet, if it's a cappuccino, or just coffee with milk. It is more nutritious, that will give the body extra energy, as well as a very tasty and healthy. by the way, cappuccino in Italy, where he came up with, drink in the morning.

coffee day

660x438If the lunch break, postprandial, you drink a cup of coffee, it's okay for the body is not going to happen. In the daytime coffee great influence on the muscle, removing fatigue, This is especially important for manual workers. Coffee also has a lunch tonic effect on the digestion and pancreas. But to get involved in coffee still not worth it, if you just spurs the body, drinking cup after cup, it is fraught with increasing pressure, deterioration of attention and overexcitation. In the afternoon, drink coffee in the case, if the evening to be an important event, where necessary efficiency and high concentration.

Evening coffee

In the evening to drink coffee stimulation of brain activity and enhance the creative activity. Consequently, it is justified in the case, if you have to work, some evening event, or evening classes. You can drink a small cup of coffee, if you have a headache, but do not want to swallow the tablets. Since coffee dilates the blood vessels of the head, pain may subside.
But it is not necessary to drink before bedtime coffee, it causes agitation and insomnia.

Unambiguous conclusions can be drawn: will not bring harm to health 2-3 cups of coffee a day, and the most favorable time for kofepitiya - mainly in the first half of the day. Coffee is better to drink small cups, no more than one per reception.

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