Cake with bananas in multivarka

blogCupcakes can be prepared with a variety of fruits. Try baking with bananas, because here even overripe bananas can be used, which is not very suitable for food. Delicate structure of the cupcake with subtle aromas of banana will be great for tea. Bananas can be combined with other fruits, eg, with apples, pears in the form of puree, or cut them into pieces.

1. Cupcake with banana liqueur “Baileys” in a slow cooker

To prepare the cake with bananas and liqueur in multivarka, we will need:
1 Article. flour, 2 eggs, 1 ch.l. baking powder, 1 Article. Sahara, 150 g butter, 1 ch.l. baking powder for the dough, 3 st.l. liqueur "Baileys", 200 Mr. bananas, 60 g of nuts, ½ ch.l. salt.
How to cook a cake with bananas and liqueur in multivarka?
1. Banana peel and mash with a fork to mash the state, nuts to grind. Part of bananas can be cut and add in no kneading dough.
2. Baking powder mixed with flour.
3. Beat eggs well with sugar and add the softened butter, continuing to whisk. In a lot to put bananas and nuts, pour the liqueur and stir well.
4. Gradually vsyp flour, knead the dough, consistency like thick cream (flour at all different, It may be slightly more or less than the amount of flour).
5. Multivarki bowl greased with oil and put the dough, smooth the top and bake in "Baking" mode of 50 minutes to 1 o'clock (It depends on the power Multivarki).
6. Willingness to check the match or toothpick, on it should not be traces of moisture.
7. Give a cake stand under cover 10 minutes, so it does not remove the donkey and use the container for steamers.
8. Serve, garnished with cream, glaze, whipped cream or powdered sugar and banana slices.

Cooking Tips:

  • Part of the butter may be replaced by a thick sour cream.

2. Banana cake with yogurt in multivarka

To prepare the banana cake with yogurt in multivarka, we will need:
egg - 2 PC., sugar - 0,5 c., Banana yogurt - 2 c., baking powder for the dough - 1 bag, flour - 2 c., nuts and raisins - for 0,5 c., butter for greasing the bowl, bananas, whipped cream.
How to cook banana cupcake on yogurt in multivarka?546565656
1. raisins reassemble, rinse and fill with boiling water, then leave on a towel, that he obsoh. chop the nuts, Sift flour and mix with baking powder.
2. Egg whisk with sugar to foam resistant, about 3 minutes at high speed, add yogurt, stir, continuing to stir gently, add portions of flour, and then raisins, nuts and pieces of banana.
3. Multivarki bowl brush with oil and place the dough in it. bake in "Baking" mode 1 time. Willingness to check with a wooden toothpick or sticks, if it contains the remains of dough, dopekite cake still 15 minutes in the "heating" mode and leave to cool, opening the cover.
4. Ready cake can be cut into cakes and coat with cream or whipped cream, adding them mashed banana. The surface also decorate whipped cream and banana slices, either at its own discretion.

3. Cupcake-cake with bananas in multivarka

To prepare the cake, cake with bananas in multivarka, we will need:
bananas - 4 PC., flour - 300 g, butter - 200 g, eggs - 4 PC., sugar - 1 c., 2 ch.l. baking powder, 1 ch.l. salt, butter for greasing the bowl.
How to cook a cake-pie with bananas in multivarka?
1. Bananas cleanse and mash into a puree. The bottom wall of the bowl and the lubricating oil.
2. Beat eggs with sugar until a stable foam, about 2 minutes at high speed. Add the melted butter, salt, soda and yeast, mix, then gradually poured flour, continuing to knead the dough.
3. At the end add the mashed bananas, again thoroughly stir and pour the batter into the bowl.
4. bake in "Baking" mode 1,5 o'clock, decorate with icing sugar or glaze.

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