Potato patties "Original" in multivarka

153Original dish can be cooked with potatoes in the form of burgers with different toppings, eg, with minced meat, chopped boiled egg, mushroom, vegetables, cheese, rice, fish. These can also be used as fillers in the filling burgers.

1. Potato patties with minced meat in multivarka

To cook potato cakes with minced meat in multivarka, we will need:
6 PC. potato, 0,3 kg minced, 1 carrot, bow - 1 PC., egg - 1 PC., breadcrumbs, salt, spice, oil for frying.
How to cook potato cakes with minced meat in multivarka?
1. Wash the carrots and potatoes, Peel and boil about entirely 20-30 minutes (until ready) in multivarka, It can be in the "Steaming" mode in the container, or "Soup" mode, bay in the cup hot water. disable mode.
2. onions clean, rinsed and chopped. In a bowl pour the butter and fry the onion, setting a "Hot" mode 30 minutes. When the onions browned, put in a bowl of minced, continuing to fry, stir the contents of the.
3. Boiled potatoes and carrots mash tolkushkoy, or rubbed on a grater and add fried minced, to drive an egg, Add salt and pepper to taste, mix well and formed into patties, that should be on all sides to roll in breadcrumbs.
4. Fry patties in "Hot" mode or "Baking" by 5 minutes on each side, lowering into a pre-heated oil.
5. submit, sprinkle with herbs, with sour cream or ketchup and fresh vegetables.

2. Potato patties with cheese and mushrooms in multivarkaKartofelno-risovye-kotlety

To cook potato cakes with cheese and mushrooms, we will need:
Mashed potatoes - 400 g, butter - 50 g, Cheese Soroti - 200 g, egg - 1 PC., chopped dill - 3 Article. l., cream - 3 st.l., Champignon - 200 g, bow - 1 PC., flour, oil for frying.
for the sauce: cucumber - 1 PC., garlic - 2 cloves, dill, cream - 100 g, mayonnaise - 100 g, salt, black ground pepper - to taste.
How to cook potato cakes with cheese and mushrooms?
1. boil the potatoes, 4-5 pcs, mash and mash, add butter, salt to taste, cool.
2. rinse mushrooms, cut and fried onion oil, setting a "Hot" mode, Add salt and pepper to taste, add green.
3. Cheese grate and add to the puree, and sour cream, egg, salt and spices, carefully stir everything and add a little flour, to thicken the batter.
4. molded patties, in the middle to add a spoonful of mushrooms, blind ends and breaded in flour or breadcrumbs.
5. Fry in a preheated oil, with the cover open Multivarki, in "Hot" mode on 5 minutes on each side.
6. When serving pour sauce.
7. for the sauce: cucumber and garlic grate, cucumber good squeeze of juice. Add to the mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise. Add salt and pepper to taste, mix. It can be put into the sauce and finely chopped dill.

3. Potato patties with rice multivarka14

To cook potato cakes with rice multivarka, we will need:
potatoes - 6 PC., carrot - 1 PC., bow - 1 PC., Figure - 0,5 c., egg - 4 PC., cream - 3 st.l., flour, greenery, vegetable oil for frying, salt, pepper - to taste.
How to cook potato cakes with rice multivarka?
1. Boil rice and vegetables in multivarka. You can use the mode "Steaming", Boil rice in a bowl, pouring water to 1 mark, and washed or peeled potatoes and carrots arranged in a container-steamer, there boil and 3 eggs.
2. Potatoes and carrots can then stretch tolkushkoy, a grate, add sour cream, boiled rice, a raw egg, salt and spices to taste and mix well. If necessary,, add a little flour for thickness.
3. clean, Rinse, chop and fry the onion in the "Baking" program until golden brown. Boiled eggs and chopped herbs and mix with onions, add salt to taste and spices.
4. From potato-rice patties molded mass, laying in the middle of a spoonful of egg filling. Blind ends and breaded in flour or breadcrumbs.
5. In a bowl pour the oil Multivarki, so that it covered the bottom, and fry cutlets 5 minutes on each side.
6. Serve with sour cream or sauces.

Cutlets with potatoes and meat in multivarka recipe videos:

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