Potatoes braised with mushrooms and meat in multivarka

457813Wonderful main dish - stewed potatoes with meat and mushrooms, cooked in multivarka, gentle turns, soft, impregnated with sour cream. Cook it is not difficult, and the result is a complete meal for lunch or dinner. Your home probably will be asked to supplement!

Potato stew with meat and mushrooms in multivarka

To cook the potatoes with meat and mushrooms in multivarka, we need:
1 bulb, 1 carrot, pork meat - 300 g, mushrooms - 200 g, potatoes - 1 kg, cream - 100 g, vegetable oil, salt, seasoning, garlic, greenery.
How to cook potatoes stewed with meat and mushrooms?
1. Prepare meat, wash and chop. Vegetables and mushrooms clean, wash and chop.
2. Nalivaem oil, so that it covered the bottom of the bowl, laying onions, carrot, fry 5 minutes.
3. add the mushrooms, meat, stir and continue to cook another 15-20 minutes under the lid closed, mix.
4. Add the chopped medium-sized potatoes, fill with water, that the potatoes were slightly covered by it, solim, pepper to taste, add sour cream, garlic and stir.
5. install "Quenching" mode 1 time. Sprinkle with herbs when filing, You can offer to the dish ketchup and fresh vegetables.

How to cook potatoes stewed with meat and mushrooms in a recipe videos multivarka:

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