Potatoes with cheese in multivarka

99088029_5087732_pi0jisCsCwcPotatoes with cheese in multivarka - is a simple and delicious dish, which is easy to prepare, even a beginner cook. It can be used as a garnish for meat and fish meals, but it is quite suitable as a full second course. Here are harmoniously combined taste of baked potatoes and cheese, which are complemented by aromas of spices and garlic.

Potatoes with cheese in multivarka

To cook potatoes in multivarka cheese and garlic, we need:kartofel_dofine_multivarke5
potatoes - 6-8 PC., cream or milk - 1 c., cheese - 100 g, Provencal herbs - 0,5 st.l., garlic - half a head, salt, pepper, dill, parsley to taste.
How to cook potatoes with cheese and garlic in multivarka:
1. potatoes are my, Clean and cut into slices. It is desirable to select the average size of the potatoes, equal in size.
2. Cheese and garlic Grate.
3. In the bowl of potatoes spread Multivarki, solim, We are laying the spices and garlic, mix, pour milk, and fall asleep on top of cheese. the, who is not watching calories, you can put the butter plate.
4. We put "Pilaf" mode and close the lid. Serve at the table with vegetables, or as a side dish to meat or hen. If this mode is not multivarka, Experiment with the regime "Baking" or "soup", installing it on 45-60 minutes.02354+4

Potatoes with cheese-accordion in multivarka

To cook the potatoes with cheese-accordion in multivarka, we will need:
5-6 medium potatoes, 100 d mayonnaise, 100 g cheese, 100 g butter, salt, pepper, garlic, spices to taste, greenery.
How to cook potatoes with cheese-accordion in multivarka?

  • Potatoes can be cooked whole, but this pre-cut it into a "bunching", making cuts not before the end of.
  • Daubed then the resulting accordion-potatoes good mayonnaise, sprinkle with garlic, spices and dried herbs, Multivarki laid in a bowl and placed on top of butter slices.
  • We use the "baking" mode 40-60 minutes. for 10 minutes before closure sprinkle grated cheese. When serving sprinkle with herbs.
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