Hookah. Like smoking and properly looked after him?

Today, we often hear the word hookah. Modern people prefer this kind of smoking. first, is a great way to relax. second, Unlike cigarettes does not remain an unpleasant smell in the apartment.

How does the design of hookah

In this configuration, all the parts are interrelated. to understand, how to smoke a hookah, it is necessary to know the structure of this device for smoking.
so, Hookah consists of the following components.

  • glass bulb. It is designed for water, which cleanses, It cools and humidifies the smoke.
  • The metal shaft in the form of tubes. The main goal of mine is the same, that water: cleaning and cooling of the smoke.
  • metal hose, plastic or silicone.
  • Foil. It controls the heat, It does not allow the touch between the charcoal and tobacco.
  • The layers of rubber for the sealing device.
  • Plate, protects the hookah coals from falling.


  • hood.
  • Forceps.
  • Carrying coals to.
  • The disposable mouthpiece.
  • brush.
  • capsules, cooling hose.

How to smoke hookah

Information about, how to smoke a hookah, It would not be complete without a list of, what to buy for smoking. You must buy a hookah, tobacco, coal special, mouthpieces, tongs and foil. All right bought. Now you have to cook and smoke the hookah.

  1. The flask was poured cold water.
  2. Assemble according to the assembly instructions hookah.
  3. Fill the bowl loose tobacco.
  4. Cover with foil tobacco. Holing her needle.
  5. ignite the charcoal.
  6. wait to, to stop coal smoke and sparks, put it on the foil.
  7. smoke the hookah, puffing.

The cooking process completed hookah smoking.


  • Before the procedure, you must eat. During smoking, you can use tea and other beverages, and oranges and peaches.
  • Do not be distracted, and no fuss.
  • Choose a convenient place for smoking, where you can completely relax. Hookah is necessary to install on the floor, that he did not move, and stood firmly on the surface.
  • No smoking standing.
  • Alcohol is incompatible with hookah. This is very bad for your health.

How to choose a hookah?

If before hubble-bubble were made of brass, in our time it is made from plastic, metal and glass. The market is replete with these devices, but how to choose the best option?
It is believed, what hookahs, made of plastic and polymeric materials does not represent good value in use. Although their price is low enough. The fact, clear plastic that is much more difficult, than glass or metal.
Metal water pipes is easier to clean and are distinguished by their strength. But this hookah has the ability to oxidize. Therefore, care should be regular. Otherwise, smoking does not give you the desired effect, and it will not be the best for health.
The most optimal is to buy a hookah glass, and best of tempered glass. He will serve you for a long time, the glass material is not harmful to health and to care much easier for him.
Sort out, how to smoke a hookah, not difficult. By understanding the process of preparing and smoking process, you can feel free to invite friends or simply alone to relax and unwind.

How to care for the hookah

The basic rule care unit - is the purity. have a smoke, disassemble, wash and dry. Then put into the bag.

How to wash?

For washing, you can use baking soda and a brush. Wash under running water.
cup, flask and the shaft must be cleaned, as often as possible, and the hose – the extent of pollution. For it is often desirable to contact with water, as it can rust. It is not recommended to use detergents, containing chemicals.


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