Which e-mail me

Over time, a large number of people all kept in touch by means of correspondence. But being a long distance thing was to a standstill. And then I come up with inventive people mail, you can use to send e-mails and goods over long distances.

On this method to date has expired, tk. it has its cons. for example, the letter could be delivered to the addressee for months, if not lost. Everything depended on the correspondent and the load on the network is working. Freer than it was, the sooner delivered the letter.

Which e-mail me

Which e-mail me

Which e-mail me

Some time later, people ceased to hold such a position, nor were the technology in place. Together with the advent of the Internet, appeared and e-mail. It is now one does not need to stand in long queues, to send a letter, all actions can be performed from home. And Posts, sent from the computer reaches its destination in seconds, and the chance of loss tends to zero.

But often people wonder, what email address I? Apparently all due to the negligence, Therefore, when creating a new account, it is desirable to record the login and password on a separate sheet of paper, but rather in a special notebook, so the chance of data loss will be much smaller. There are many ways, which will help you find out your e-mail address, analyze them below.

How do I find the email address

The first step is to gather his thoughts and think, possibly, you somewhere recorded his address. Look on your computer, as well as the room itself, where the computer is located. To avoid such a situation,, follow the instructions, written in this article.email_2

  1. Almost every service immediately after registration sends you an email with your personal data. Or gives you a page for printing after the confirmation of his information. It is important to move to advance the sheet following fields: login, password, E-mail address. With this information you can prodelyvat necessary operations and settings. Also, you can simply print the page with personal data on the printer.
  2. If you have access to your account, the e-mail address can be found in the personal settings. At each site, such information is in different places, so you have to look for yourself. by the way, you just have to know your username. and then you can use logic. All e-mail address consists of a user name, "@" sign and the name of the service provider (eg, Mail.ru). Knowing these data, you can collect your email address (eg, “pochta@mail.ru”). If you do not understand something, simply send an empty message to your friend, it should be displayed your address.

On this, perhaps, everything. Now you know which email address have and how to detect it in case of loss.

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