What is communication?

Communication networkEach user "Vkontakte" can:

  1. Share the network itself,
  2. Share photos and video,
  3. Share your impressions.

Communication in "Vkontakte" can have a private nature in the form of messages and the public - in the form of a "wall" (here can communicate a group of users at a time, who have access to this page). Here you can discuss various topics, from movie premieres and finishing recipes.

How to communicate on the network?Another way to communicate on the network is a forum. Here gather like-minded users, which combines study, hobbies and other interests. Convenient such correspondence the, you do not need to wait long for an answer.
If desired, the user can enter into a specific group, which is interested in a specific topic: movie, a photo, games, psychology, fashion, art, cooking and other.

the original method, by which the user can always be online - plug QIP Infium. With such a mobile communication program in "Vkontakte" is easier and more accessible.

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