What should be a strong password

The modern technical equipment life of all kinds of passwords are widely used for information protection. Their daily and administered several times on different network resources. The passwords are entered at an input to the computer, Registration on Internet sites, open the mailbox, and accounts. Many people do not think about the importance of passwords and, especially, the basic rules, It is advised to observe for the reliable protection of their data and information.

What should be the password

What should be the password

Basic requirements for the drawing up of passwords:

  • password length must be more 8 characters (optimally, if the length of a 10-12 characters);
  • the password must not contain repeating numbers, letters, punctuation marks and special characters (even better, If they alternate);
  • it is necessary to include the title, upper and lowercase letters.

Storage of passwords on the Internet resources

On major sites are stored passwords, encrypted using a special algorithm MD5. In the encoding process according to a particular algorithm creates a "digest" – a set of unrelated symbols, obtained after processing the input information. Digest is almost impossible to decipher.
So, After registering on the site is not saved password, and certain way digest obtained therefrom. Further, After entering the password on the site, it also translates into a digest. Stored and the resulting digests are compared, as determined by, Is the password entered correctly.
If the password digest and learn a bad man, to determine the actual password can only by exhaustive search. To do this, you must use a special program, generating character sets and converts them to digest for comparison.

password strength

Often administered catchy and simple passwords (eg, "123456," or something similar). Sometimes you can stay on a similar choice (temporary registration, questionable sites, etc.). The bank, of payment, other financial systems, to protect mailboxes should be created only strong passwords. Otherwise, attackers can use information to obtain cash, opening accounts, loans and other. To create a password complexity requirements met all, it should not contain:

  • family information (dates of birth, etc.);
  • memorable dates (eg, wedding day);
  • phone numbers, apartments or documents;
  • relatives names or their names;
  • different combinations of personal data (initials and date of birth).

A strong password should look like meaningless combination of characters. Considered weak password, containing any word from the dictionary. Such passwords are determined by simple words busting.
Password will be very simple, if you use it as a response to a "secret question". guess, pick up or read a password generally very easy.

To keep your passwords secret:

  • you must use different passwords for different online services, sites, forums, etc.;
  • store passwords in memory, rather than writing, eg, stickers, in diaries;
  • it is not recommended to leave the password on the network or on the computer, in a text file or a built-in "Password Keeper" browser;
  • it is advisable not to enter your passwords on computers, located in public places, Internet cafes, etc.;
  • necessarily it is necessary to regularly replace with new.

If your own is difficult to come up with strong passwords, it is recommended to use special software password generator. Check the reliability of invented or generated password can be on specialized sites.

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