What speed is needed for the work of Skype

Скорость интернет-соединения

The faster internet – the higher communication quality on Skype

Internet connection speed - the most important factor, which has a decisive influence on the quality of communication on Skype. Especially when it comes to video call.
We need a minimum speed for a more or less normal operation of Skype in 100 Kbit / s. Above - best. For video calls need higher speed. Here, however, the desired connection speed is completely dependent on the video resolution: the higher picture quality, the higher the speed necessary for continuous data. for example, to broadcast high quality images need not slower connection 1,5 Mbit / s.

Generally, upset over low-speed connection is not necessary. The program is well-suited for use at medium and low speeds. Besides, Skype itself verifies the quality of the connection by connecting to the other party. Based on these data, the program adjusts the sound and picture quality so, to "meet" in the speed limit.

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