What utensils needed for brewing tea?

gaiwan_teaThe simplest - is to make tea in an ordinary cup. It only needed a cup of tea itself. In China, these cups for tea leaves tea for one person called gaiwan, type having small bowls with a lid. To take a pinch of tea infuser, brewed and prepared to a certain temperature ostuzhennym (depending on the variety) boiling water, insist tea a few minutes and drink it straight from the gaiwan, holding the cover, or to drink his poured into another bowl.
There is also a more refined view of the brewing cup, which is a ordinary porcelain or earthenware mug with handle, but in which further strainer inserted in a cup and has a lid. This is quite a handy thing for the individual brewing tea. It is convenient to brew tea by the "strait", when dry tea leaves poured into a strainer and washed with hot water, rasparivaya brew, and water was poured, then again pouring a fresh infusion of tea. Strainer is convenient, that tea leaves do not have to then filter, and the dosing of dry tea leaves, it is useful - you can pour, eg, half strainer, or two-thirds of its volume, adjusting the required number of.
But, certainly, suitable for brewing and the usual boiled teapot - ceramic, porcelain, fayansovыy, glass, but not metal.
Now let's talk about the kettle.
Maker need to boil water. They are different, but the most ideal in modern conditions - is kettle with a presence indicator of temperature conditions, it is easy to grasp the desired boiling point, which is required for brewing, This stage is called China's "wind in the pines", it usually ranges from 93 to 96aboutWITH.
Still, we need a thermos, necessarily with a glass flask, preferably with the arm for supplying water. It is convenient to store properly heated hot water, because tea is not suitable for the same water to heat the water several times, and tea leaves can be brewed as a minimum 2-3 fold.
If there is a cup with strainer, the need cup of tea and a separate strainer to filter. It is better to take with the smallest cells. Well, of course, spoon for sprinkling and stirring tea infuser.

With these handy accessories at hand, brew green tea.64792317_g5

  • Take bottled or spring water pour into the kettle, bring to a temperature 70aboutWITH, and scalded teapot, tea leaves fall asleep - at a pinch 150 ml of water, pour prepared water, Kettle put on heating to step 93-96aboutWITH, and drenched in the water is drained through zavarnik 10-20 with, and cover with a lid, so that the leaves do not cool down.
  • We interrupt the heating kettle in step "Wind noise in pines", pour water in another vessel, to cool to the desired temperature a few times, and fill our steaming brew, We insist depending on the variety of 2-10 minutes and drink, Strain through a strainer into a cup.

If you brew black tea - bring to 95aboutWITH, oshparyvaem zavarochnыy tea, fall asleep dry tea leaves and pour boiling water when 95aboutWITH, excluding the process of "strait", insist 5-10 minutes, we filter, razlyvaem cups.
here, perhaps, and all! Enjoy your tea!

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