What better mail

When choosing a new electronic mailbox, many users are trying to pay attention to address the future of e-mail. In this regard, has already chosen a service provider, While this is not quite right, because there are other characteristics. In this article we consider the basic qualities and properties of advanced email services.

What better mail?

To determine the choice of mail, you must pay attention to many parameters, the main ones: stability without rebooting, quality of work, teh.sluzhby efficiency, spam filters, etc..

Also important is that a lot of, What language support service. At present, all trying russifitsirovat, but on sites, originally customized for Russian users, work much more convenient.


What better mail

What better mail

The supplier offers us more 300 types of domain names. by the way, this list includes some of the country and the city. Many addresses are made on the attitude to religion or profession, but you can also come across a funny name. Hosting allocates one account 3 GB of free space, and mediocre system of filters, which allows you to fight spam. But this resource does not give the opportunity to work in Russian, that repels many users.


Talking about, What better mail, not to mention such a common service. It has its pluses and minuses. The former should include the difficulty in choosing a profile name, and therefore the component of e-mail addresses. And the advantage is the page russifitsirovanie. Although some translations appear quite frightening and perplex even the person with certain knowledge. Besides, available to you unlimited mailbox.

Rambler mail

Sufficient popular Rambler Mail, but the conditions are not very good. We offer only 50 MB initial volume. But the conduct active correspondence, it can be increased by 50 MB each day. maximum file, which should not exceed the amount you can send in 25 MB. Although it attracts, The platform is completely Russian-speaking, so user-friendly.

Google Gmail

an impressive amount, which we can use, it equals 1 GB. Service has the most serious of those filter, that offered by other suppliers. Therefore, there is no fear of malicious messages. On the other hand the service itself is blocking the account, who is suspected of spamming. Besides, writing, trapped under the filter is not always harmful, Sometimes it happens, that are filtered and harmless message.




Immediately it is worth noting, that the provider is not related to Google. The main goal is organization of delivery of free mail to owners of sites, attendance exceeds 500 visitors per day. But the support does not always have time to react to new requests, and at times completely forget about them.


Gemini Google Gmail. He has no less tight control of spam, and provides us with 8 GB of free space. In addition, active people can use mail from your mobile phone. If you still have not determined, What better mail, it will present you the following representatives.


Beautiful and easy to use interface has attracted many new users. But, If you have a desire to send email to any other domain, then you will be disappointed, tk. this can not be done.


One of the leading figures in the Russian Internet. Supplier organized an excellent anti-spam with built-in antivirus. You are invited to use 10 GB, but if desired, this volume can be increased. A very nice feature is to send files. You can pass at a time 20 Files with the proviso, that their size does not exceed 20 GB. Also, you are offered ample opportunities to work with text and its formatting.

That came leading list services, Now you can decide, What better mail. Already starting from that register a new account.

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