how to juggle 3 balls

 Как жонглировать 3 мячамиAlmost no people, who as a child did not like the circus and all, that is associated with it, and most of this love remains in the hearts of each of a lifetime. Many of us even tried to imitate the circus artists and tried to do tricks or juggle. Learn to make a variety of simple tricks everyone can, but to be able to juggle their own, eg, three balls, also quite real. How to do this will be discussed further.

What is necessary, to learn how to juggle 3 balls

  • A few days of hard training.
  • Perseverance and a great desire.
  • The presence of three balls or balls, and free time, that you want to devote to training.
  • When possessing an arsenal of all of the above items, you can safely begin to learn to juggle with the help of the following instructions.

The basic rules of juggling:

  • Hands while juggling kept half-bent at the elbows, and do not rise up.
  • You need to juggle in front of him, not deviate from the predetermined plane.

how to juggle 3 balls: instruction

  • First we need to work out with two balls. The first exercise, which is necessary for developing motion sharpness and attention is as follows. In each hand we take over the ball and begins to alternately pop-up, and then catch, and this should be done with the same hand, where and tossed. This exercise can be a little harder and add to it the movement "snap of the fingers", at that moment, when the ball is in free fall. The essence of the exercise is to manage to catch the thrown ball.
  • After that, as the first exercise had to work, you can proceed to the second, and begin to learn to flip two balls from one hand to the other, trying them never to drop. To do this, one ball pop-up and away, and a second right in the direction of the second arm. First, it is done slowly, in order to better coordinate the movement, then gradually increase the pace can. Exercise should be repeated until, until all running movement will no more honed, and balls will 'listen' hands and prestanut constantly fall out of them. Exercise, as in the previous case,, You can also be performed with the click of your fingers, or clap his hand over his chest and even the hands. Complicating every time, in this way, exercise, you train reaction speed and movements. Учимся жонглировать 2 мячами
  • The following exercise is juggling two balls in each hand alternately. This is done as follows:. One ball to throw up in the air, then after a few seconds of the second and first the first catch, and then the second. First, the exercise is repeated slow and a small amount of time, to remember the sequence of hand movements, then the speed can be gradually increased.
  • It was only after, as they were mastered and unlearned above movement, you can begin to add the third ball and do more complex exercises with him. To do this, put in one hand, eg, to the right, two ball or ball, and the other remaining one ball. Then, the following movements are performed. On the right-hand first pop-up, towards the left one ball, then in the course of attending a ball with his left hand, it also throws up, but in the right side. The first ball is caught with his left hand, and while the second ball flies, must catch onto and third, remaining in his right hand to catch the ball the same second hand, and a third pick up the left. As a result, all the balls have to swap places: in his left hand two balls will, and the right one.Учимся жонглировать 3 мячами
  • Honed movements of this exercise, You can start to flip balls, making two or three laps without stopping, and then gradually add the number of revolutions.

For, in order to clearly see the whole process of juggling three balls, you can watch this video below:

so, you had to make sure, juggling in technology there is absolutely nothing difficult. Several hard training and it is difficult, at first glance, the process, succumb to anyone who wishes to learn it.

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