How to tie a tie properly?

If a man does not wear a tie, it does not mean, that he will not come in handy. In life there are situations different. Today, the tie is not necessary, and tomorrow will be needed. Difficulties may arise because of ignorance, how to tie a tie. There are many options for its tying. What make a knot, It depends on the width of the tie material and.

How to tie a tie. instruction

At the time of tying a tie, Product seam should not look outside.

  • Hang on the neck tie so, so that the thin end was right, and thick - left. Impose a wide part to the narrow side and bottom-up throw by a loop.
  • The same part of the, pulling down, hold over the narrow end in the left direction and pull through the loop at the top.
  • The thick end of the tie, pointing down, threaded through the small loop and tighten the knot.

Ways to knot a tie

Узел Four – in – hand (for newbies)

Ideally, this unit is supposed to be casual. No strict symmetry is not necessary to adhere to.

  1. Positioned at a collar tie, as stated in the instructions above. Narrow and wide ends of the reduced cross-wise.
  2. The wide end of the narrow part of the start. Then back so, to a thick portion turned over the thin.
  3. Not letting widest part of the hand, threaded through the loop, leading up, then down, passing through the second loop smaller, and pull the end down, holding unit.
  4. Node slightly tighten.

Windsor knot (triangular)

He should get a wide and tight. This is a classic version of tying a tie. To know, how to tie a tie in this way, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the tying instructions, which is given at the beginning of the article. Since the unit must be big, therefore, it is necessary to choose a shirt with English collar, which are widely divergent angles.

Windsor - Half knot (universal)

It is called universal because, that it is suitable for any width ties. tying principle differs from the above-described nodes.

  1. Throw tie, ends to reduce cross-wise, wide end to have a narrow part in the left direction.
  2. Pull the wide end up, threading into the loop. pull the left.
  3. Now put it on the narrow end through the loop and hold again. To pass in a knot.

Pratt knot (for a narrow collar)

In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to what, that the tie throws out seam.

  1. re-baptized as, to the narrow portion lying on the wide side.
  2. Pass the wide end in a loop from the top down.
  3. Hold it to the left over the narrow part and the bottom draw in the loop.
  4. Threaded through the knot and tighten.

How beautiful tie thin tie?

In addition there is a wide tie and thin products. They must tie, following the instructions, with only one difference. With the tie under the collar, TEN track, to the narrow portion was shorter than the general. Such tie looks very elegant.
understand what, how to tie a tie, the first time hard. But, Having done several times this procedure in front of the mirror, hands will remember all the moves, and the matter would be quite simple.

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