How to register in "Vkontakte" without the phone - the basic rules

Easy and free registration in the social network significantly increases the number of people wishing to create their own page here. Each user are concerned about, How to register in "Vkontakte" without the phone.

Why require a mobile phone number?

To create your own page on the network, the phone acts as a guarantor of authentication. Регистрация в сетиTo register a new user can only be on his mobile phone number.
Its purpose is:

  1. Security - Protection against spammers,
  2. to support mobile network services.

To increase the security profile and to minimize spam, They created "Vkontakte" want to give up the e-mail address tied to your account.

Register without a phone

activate page, without entering a mobile phone number, impossible. therefore, it is not necessary to think, How to register in "Vkontakte" without the phone. After receiving the mobile device code sms, data are entered in the appropriate fields on the site. After pressing the "Send" button, Registration can be considered complete.
The important point is this issue:

  • Free registration procedure, including sMS,
  • one mobile phone number, you can bind only one account.
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