How to register in "Vkontakte" without an invitation - that it is necessary to take into account?

earlier, How to register in "Vkontakte" uninvited nobody knew. Today there are several methods, with which it is possible to create a personal page on the network.

historic moment

Until July 2011 of the year, up in "Vkontakte" it can be by invitation only. After that date, create a page on the network, each user could. In view of the new rules, anyone become Бланк регистрации в "Вконтакте"user "Vkontakte" in the shortest time receives an invitation from the administration site.

To do this,:

  1. download site Finding the middle of the page click "How to Get Involved", click on it,
  2. read the message that appears. It says that, that if you can not register in the system at the invitation of a friend, the user must leave your phone number. He entered in the specified field,
  3. after that, as the phone will receive an SMS with a password and login to access the page, These data are entered into the appropriate fields,
  4. when a personal page, You need to fill in the information "About Me".

In this way, procedure, How to register in "Vkontakte" uninvited completed. The main point of this question is to link a phone number to your account.

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