How to register in "Vkontakte" no e-mail - main points

Beginning with 2011 , the registration rules in "Vkontakte" somewhat changed. Since February 2011 year to become the users of the network is by invitation only. Finding ways, How to register in "Vkontakte" no e-mail invitations, Internet users began to actively use the mobile phone.Регистрация в "Вконтакте и e-mail

Complete the registration process can be as follows:. Once logged in, select "Registration" section. At the end of this method you need to enter your phone number. In this case, Page created join the specified number. This makes it easy to restore access to the account when it is breaking.
When the phone comes with SMS code, the user will have to enter it in the window that appears on the monitor. Before you decide, How to register in "Vkontakte" no e-mail, encouraged to consider, one phone number, you can bind only one page in "Vkontakte".

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