How to register with ICQ

registration in ICQ

registration in ICQ

ICQ or, as people used to call “ICQ”, is a program for instant messaging. Before, How to register in ICQ, you must remember, that the registration of the program comes absolutely free, therefore, if the network has a resource, offering paid installation, it is a clear sign of fraud.

Registration and setup program is available to everyone and the whole process takes just a few minutes. Each user receives a personal identification number, which the, usually, consists of 10 figures.

If you decide to use the program, but you do not know, What do I need to do, the following provides detailed instructions on how to register with ICQ and pass it the full installation.

Registration and Installation Instructions ICQ

  1. For, to install ICQ, you need to download the installation file. It can be found on the official website, or on third-party resources, offering Russified version.
  2. Further, from a given you need to open the installation file download directory, double-clicking on it. On the window is displayed, reminiscent of the security system. It can safely press the button "Run", then immediately begin installing software on your computer.
  3. Now, after the installation, a new window, in which you need to select the language and click "I agree" to continue installation.
  4. Then you should choose the full install of ICQ, first removing the check mark from the items, you do not need.
  5. After complete installation of the program is click "Finish" and start registration.
  6. If there was no automatic opener program, it can be found in the menu "start" – "All programs" – "ICQ".
  7. In the popup window activated, click on "Register".
  8. It remains only to correctly fill in all fields, specifying the name, floor, email address and date of birth. Then come up with the most secure password and enter the captcha. Press "OK" and the registration is completed.

Now you know, How to register in ICQ free, in just a few basic steps. Choice of name does not require authentication, but the e-mail address must be filled in correctly, because it will be sent a link to confirm your registration. Besides, only letters and numbers can be used to create a password.

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