How to register on's answers?

During the three years of the site's answers anonymous questions, the first network of its kind, communication has become a favorite place for more 16 million. users from Russia and the CIS. Its popularity continues to grow, it is easy to explain the anonymity asked questions, which is interesting not only to ask friends and strangers, but also to respond to them.

Registration on the site is completely free and easy. But, surprisingly, on's answers does not say anything about her. In this article there are detailed answers to questions about registration on this site.

Registration Instructions

    1. Go to the site Ask RU, on the main page immediately see a big yellow click "Register", click on it.12
    2. If you already have a page "In contact with", you can quickly login using it. To do this, on the left is "Login" button, it is blue. On the next page you need is to enter your details in the appropriate box, and registration will take place automatically, and all your friends will be automatically searched and displayed.14
    3. If you do not have a profile "In contact with", it will have to be registered in the usual way, filling three positions:
    • own name (Nick), English only;
    • your Email, note, the mailbox must be real, because it will receive a letter of confirmation of registration;
    • in the third box, type Create a password, then press the yellow button "Register". thereby, Acceptance of the User Agreement, which previously would not hurt to read.
    • Now go to your email, confirm the registration on the website, by clicking on the link in the letter received from the service.

How view, nothing complicated. Just a few simple steps, and you have successfully registered on the popular site's answers. You interesting questions and informative answers!

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