How to make money on YouTube

Probably almost every user knows about a very popular service – YouTube. For non-educated people are conducting a short terminology. YouTube – system, which contains millions of videos from around the world. An important feature is something, that all material uploaded by users themselves. Little of, Many people manage to earn their information. This article will consider, How to Make Money on YouTube, you need to do, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

How to make money on YouTube. begining

You should begin with a simple preparation, namely, you will need to have your own account on the site. This is done very simply, so we will not focus our attention. Next is to acquire equipment, necessary for shooting, we are talking about the camcorder. It is worth noting, that it is not necessary to take on a professional camera, and enough amateur. the main thing, the material was unique and interesting.

There are several ways to make money:

  1. Earnings on advertising, which is published at the beginning of your video.
  2. Earnings on the number of views. Respectively, the more people watched your video, the more you get.

Consider the specific each mode.

How to make money on YouTube on viewings

If you've ever wondered about, how many are well-known personalities on the Internet for your videos, such as “This is good”, “Kate Klep” or “+100500”, then take a word – a lot. by the way, not all people, getting paid for their work, we offer a good quality. Some simply shoot the video on social issues, give them specific names, and finally, get good money. but you, yet, as a man of vision, it is desirable to shoot good videos.

How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

Not to pour the words in vain, give specific figures. So, such beginner can earn per thousand views 1-2$, and already proven people get on 5$.

Besides Yutuba you can also use other systems, that, by the way, better suited for inexperienced people. Post your stuff on or The first site offers a good pay 5$ for about 1000 unique Visits. Last, This Russian-language resource, from which you can withdraw money almost immediately (for removal must be at least save 1$).

Earning through advertising

As I said before, you can make money on YouTube, inserting commercials into their stuff. This method is more complex and is suitable, rather, for experienced users. All profits depends on the number of clicks on links.

To use this method, must first prepare:

  1. Sign in GoogleAdSense system. To do this, preferably at least at a basic level knowledge of English. Although now there are many translators, which will not leave you in the lurch. It is important to specify your real data, especially residential address, tk. that's where the checks will come from the company. be careful, otherwise all efforts may be in vain.
  2. Create your own website. Do not be scared, you just have to take advantage of a free service, that the Internet is full. The whole operation will not be difficult one, usually providers offer detailed instructions for installing and configuring the Site. After that, as you have your own life will, register it in the system. Checking can range from a few weeks to a few months. Here plays a big role the resource quality. so take care, that all information on the site was unique.
  3. Check the information entered in the Google AdSense, Lang also be present, please enter your date of birth, mail and other data.
  4. It now remains to link the two account – AdSense. To do this, go to

Now you know, how to make money on youtube. The only problem may be with the expectation of confirmation of registration from AdSense. But first, you can use the first method.

Earnings on YouTube:

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