How to make money on a torrent

To date, into the world of network technologies, many people began to work directly on the Internet. Someone pays this activity all the time, others use network, as an additional source of income. It is important to know, that get money on the Internet is real. There are many ways and suggestions, in this article, let's talk about, how to make money on a torrent.

First thing, you need to believe, What do you want to do. People neprosvyaschennye in IT, look at similar undertaking, like a fairy tale, but too early to draw conclusions, and you will soon discover in this.

How to make money on a torrent. Accounts sale

The Internet also, as in real life, there is supply and demand for a product or service. Torrent is no exception. Important for people to quality, and they are willing to pay for it. So, Many users give large sum of money for accounts, which is less untwisted network.

The thing is, that torrents used rating system, and users have greater authority have a lot of advantages. for example, accounts with a large rating are able to download the information from the resource much more quickly, than the average user. But, to get to the stamp, you must work hard. This then involved a merchant account, they are looking for clients (lazy users), that the Internet is full, then raise the rating of your account and get a profit. The scheme is quite simple, important to find the time and inclination.



file sharing

Another form of earnings on torrents – selling files. To be more precise you are selling is not the files themselves, and download them. Let's look at the situation in more detail. In the network, there are sites, which is allocated specifically for the files. Anything you need, is to download the file to the server and familiarize yourself with the affiliate program, then you can begin to distribute the link to a file on the Internet. The more users find and download your stuff, the more you earn.

How to make money on a torrent. Invites

What is an invite? you ask. Translated into Russian, the term means the invitation. Now everything has become very clear. On the Internet there are closed trackers, to which access is obtained, not all users. And stuff there, often, very valuable. In pursuit of this information, the user is ready to pay a large sum of money. Everything, you have to do, is to find a tracker and active clients.

Now you know, how to make money on a torrent, Use these tips and go to their goal.

Earnings per Torrent:

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