How to Make a voice in VKontakte

VKontakte - one of the most popular social networks today. Like other big companies, in contact it has its own virtual currency - the voice. They can be used only within the site, for example: for 1 vote (he stands as standard 6.7 rubles) possible to please gift for a friend (just, or regarding a festival); purchase applications VIP products; with the help of votes can even place ads, thus increasing your ranking.

voices Vkontakte

Voices in contact

Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent websites, who prey on the trust people. Programs, websites, bots, offering hundreds of thousands of votes for free - this is pure falsehood. Do not fall into the clutches of scams, Do not give out information on their page at any sites, otherwise you run the risk of losing it.
And now back to the main subject of the article - how to make the voices in Touch?

Ways of earning VKontakte votes

There are several ways of earning votes:

  • The standard way to transfer money to the VC via SMS, credit cards, other e-currencies.
  • But this action is paid, and many users of the social network wants to learn about free methods of getting treasured votes. Consider and:
  • Using your own websites and blogs. Some users of social networks seek to promote your page on the Internet, so, if you are a blogger, you can offer advertising space on its website. So you will earn a lot of the desired currency.
  • How to make the voices of Vkontakte groups? For example, you can win in any competition (best photo, The best poems, comment, song, etc.).
  • If luck accompanies you, it is not forbidden to try to win the lottery or auction. But it is difficult to be a winner there, and even if you give them will become, then it will happen by luck.
  • Maybe, you have good, do not use an account, friends, who agree to share a couple of unnecessary votes.
  • Well, the last, I think, the best way to earn votes VKontakte - applications and games. Invite your friends to the game, leaving the sentence in his page. for example, games: noughts and crosses; A rock, scissors, paper; Yarloto; In the auction, and other. You can also make voice with special offers VC, that is, you are invited to view a couple of sites through the app, for 3-5 these sites charged 1 voice VKontakte.

Special offers

There is such a in social function. network VKontakte, the existence of which many do not even know. Here you can receive voice VC by performing a variety of tasks from companies. For example, You received a proposal for registration on any site or host on the wall of a link to any online store. And for that you get a few free votes VKontakte. This function is absolutely legal.

These special offers you can find so:

  • In your profile go to "My settings";
  • Go to the tab "Balance";
  • Click the tab "Get a voice"
  • From the list, select the latest "Special offers";
  • Then unfolds a list of jobs, among which we can find a suitable for you.

If the list of issuing small number of special offers, or they do not have, you can change the city in the profile settings. Most often, the data event is open to residents of certain regions and cities. It is advisable to choose some most populated city. It can be a Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev.

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