How to run a script

Very often advanced users, programmers and network administrators impose a variety of different computer updates. After that, set up security system, firewall, inerfeys and other parameters. Of course, they think, that the PC is protected, It works reliably and can now relax a bit, leaning back in his chair.

It is important to know, that when writing applications, it is important to properly open. Touching on this topic, consider the question of, how to run a script.

How to run a script. foundation

Consider a bit of theoretical information and try to connect it with practice. Let's, you do not know, how to run a script in windows with the help of startup. Then you need to get to the interface. To do this, write in the command line“regedit”, then select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, followed by open section SYSTEM AND CurrentControlSet, click on the folder servies. Here you should be interested in only one file – MyServies. Open this material, and here we register all the necessary parameters. for example, It can be made autorun or hide labels, etc..

How to run a script

How to run a script

When writing JavaScripts is also often necessary to download the program via the autostart, make it simple enough.

  1. Append to the end of the file with js format required function.
  2. Prescribe command Page_Load(0) in a file called menu.js.

Do not use just two options, as this greatly complicates the understanding of the code and work.

How to run a script. commands

  • shell script – a list of functions, which is recorded in a text editor. The situation is very simple, using these commands, you can perform the necessary actions, entering them into line komanddnuyu. It is much more profitable and economical, than to make adjustments in the graphical mode, tk. It requires a small expenditure of computer resources.
  • When you run the vbs script it is important to remember, that the introduced changes can not be activated in the handler .vbs. In this case, you need to double-click on the script, and all changes will take effect immediately. If the string does not start vbs (this may be due to grafobolochkoy), use the cscript interpreter.
  • To run the script sql using C #, you need to connect the special assembly SMO, then deal with the script ServerConnection. To begin with, work with the .sql file into a string, tk. executeNonQuery opens only in the string mode.
  • To execute python script, you need to refer to the interpreter with the name of the script. To get started, type the following: “syntax error”, Then, list the full path to the file.

How to run a script via Denwer

Most users, both experienced, and beginners constantly make the same mistake. It seems that the whole process takes place properly, but, when it comes to the last, the final stage, nachynaet is crumbling. You try to open a file by using an ordinary browser (or by double-clicking on the icon, or dragging and dropping into the address bar). This error can be easily read by the appearance of characteristic signs in a row, eg: file://WITH:\home...If you notice a mistake, then you need to do the following: run the script with the help of the virtual host, ie. enter in the address bar: http://mysite.local/script.php. After the performed actions your script to run without any errors.

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