How to run Skype

запускHow to run Skype from your desktop

Usually when you install the program and set its shortcut on the desktop. Mark - a small icon with the program logo and the signature of Skype. Double-click on the label, and the program will start.

How to run Skype through the Start menu

press Start and go in All programs. find Skype and click on it once. The program will be launched.

How to run Skype, If there is no shortcut, and links on the Start menu

If you installed it happened, that the labels were not created - it does not matter. You can run the program directly from its directory. To do this, go to the folder C:\\Program FilesSkype and double-click on the file Skype.exe. program starts.
After the launch of Skype will enter the username and password and enjoy socializing.

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