How to record video on Skype

Запись видео в Скайпе

Video recording on Skype

Record video on Skype with the help of standard tools can not. However, there are special programs, allows it. One such application is Pamela for Skype. Pamela - this is an addition, which has many useful features:

  • a full-fledged language editor
  • the ability to send video messages to his companion
  • audiozvonka recording or video call
  • Skype chat history saving, including multiplayer
  • reporting and imports of finished

However, before using, program to install.

How to Install Pamela for Skype

Exists 4 version Pamela, each of which has a different set of features and is designed to solve all sorts of problems: from private use to aid in business. The simplest version - basic - delivered free. For the rest you have to pay after a month trial period.

To install on a computer Pamela, to record video from Skype's need:

  • launch Skype
  • Go to menu Instruments
  • Go to menu Supplements ExtrasDownload Extras additions
  • A window will appear with a list of add-ons. You can search manually, and it is possible to find the dial Pamela
  • Choose from the options proposed addition Pamela Call Recorder and install. Installation will take place automatically

How to record video on Skype by using Pamela

To record a conversation on Skype you need at the beginning of the conversation press Start recording. Stop recording at the right time, you can press the button stop recording. If you do not, automatically cease to record immediately after the call.

Also add-on panel has a button Play a recorded conversation. There is also a separate window for viewing and operations with saved files.

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