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World Wide Web tightens more and more people into its ranks. This service is used by all, "From small, to the great ". Young people spend all their free and non-free time at the monitors, even retirees understand the uniqueness of the network. Communicate with friends and family daily, despite the thousands of miles of distance. The problem is only one - the inability to use all the capabilities of the computer.

Using social networks, we put all personal information, allowing absolute strangers, loving the "poke your nose" into other people's business to ferret out our personal data and use them in fraudulent schemes. So that this did not happen, makes sense to properly close the page with personal information, closing access to passwords. Knowing the answer to the question "How close the page?», we protect ourselves from the visit of unwanted and uninvited guests on his page.

window closing

window closing

Close the page in the browser is pretty simple. There is always a cross in the corner, clicking on which we go from the page without problems. Whether Google Chrome, Opera, Explorer, Firefox, have the additional possibility of closing. These include:

  • way of, which has already been mentioned - the X in the upper right corner, but this page X (tabs), not browser;
  • The key combination CTRL+W, here already can not go wrong, it closes the tab
  • Push the right key of the mouse on the page name – open options.
  • Choose to close the page – you should close the current page
  • To close the page on the right disappeared open to the right of the active page tabs
  • To close the pages on the left should be closure to the left of the active tab pages
  • To close all tabs, use the keyboard combination CTRL + SHIFT + W.

For security just close enough pages, you need to clear your browsing history and cache.

Regardless of the browser, one way to:

  • open "settings",
  • go to the section History and clear the history by pressing on the option "Clear browsing data".
  • Under cookies, cleaned introduced anywhere and saved the passwords and logins.

Communicating in social networks, entering in your profile all the information about yourself, again we are subjecting their data viewing strangers. To limit the number of persons, Read our data, or even "close" our page by prying eyes, adding schoolmate, Other In my world, In contact with, you need to be sure - add friends or reject. You can also look at the page of "wanting" to make friends. Click on the option "add to friends", and when you return to your page – make deviation. Not "accept" the offer, you still friends with him, and will have the opportunity to visit its tab, write messages on the wall, leave requests, etc..

Deleting a page in my world

Deleting a page in my world

The second answer to the question "How to close the page?». Throw new contactor in a special group and close to the group access to view your files. It is also possible in any social network go to "privacy" menu item or the "Access to the page» – next, choose the option "nobody sees" or "See only the users you have added" and save the changes. In this way, the problem of the security of our data has been solved.

Personal Computer, not always "personal", Unfortunately. Our household or friends and then strive to sit down to my computer for a moment and climb up to the "not desirable" social networking page for us. Let's just close the access and be done with it. You ask the question – How to close the page and access thereto? Now we learn.

The most common communication site “In contact with”. To do this in your browser by typing sudo gedit / etc / hosts command opens the configuration, which appends the PI a network address and save the file like this. Restarting the computer, Access to this website is excluded. And with other sites, simply enter the address ai pi, correct name, Access closed until, as long as you do not decide to visit a particular site.




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