How to close the album in Touch

album closing

How to set up privacy

If you downloaded an album with memorable photos and you want to, so that it was available only to a certain circle of people, take advantage of special services from the developers of “In Contact”. How to close the album in contact from prying eyes, how to close other photos, on which he observed – that the standard questions of a novice user “In Contact”.

Make a private album

To close the album from prying eyes, We need to go to a page with all the albums.

  1. Place your mouse over the image desired album mouse cursor. In the upper right corner of the pictures you will see a pencil and it says “Edit album”.
  2. Click on the “Edit album” and get in field settings. Here you can change the album name, complement the description to the photo, and you can change the privacy.
  3. Next to “Who can view the album?” it will expand. Choose a list of those, who can see your album with photos. You can open the album to a friend, you can allow you to view photos friends your friends. And you can leave the appearance of the photos only for themselves.
  4. If you are an administrator group, or meetings, and they display a photo with your page, consider this fact, leave the group in the list of permitted views.
  5. After selecting the album privacy, go to the album settings editor and select group of people, which will be further allowed to comment on your photo.

If you are tagged in a photo of friends

In order not to flash before his eyes at other people's photos, open the menu “My Settings”.

  1. Here select the tab “privacy”.
  2. Put in front of the question “Who can view the photo with me?” the desired response.

manual privacy albums charm lies in the possibility of changing groups Visits and photo placement rules at least every hour. Now, posting personal photos, You do not have to puzzle over, closing the album in Touch, and adjust the level of privacy yourself.

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