How to forget the guy, you love?

Как забыть парня, которого любишь?Love is one of the most wonderful feelings on earth, presenting the most unforgettable emotions and sensations, especially, if it is mutual. But, Unfortunately, is not uncommon, when this feeling is not divided, or ceases to be mutual. At such a moment, and there is enough tough questions: "What do you do with that his unrequited love" and "How to forget Man, you love?».

How to forget ex-boyfriend?

Deleted from the memory of man overnight, with whom you have spent together, not one day, and at the same time were close, of course, It is not possible. And, The longer the relationship, the harder it is to forget ex-boyfriend. But time heals and puts everything in its place and with the right mindset for a future life, you can try to start a little mute to rid yourself of the pain of parting, and then gradually and completely get rid of it. Как забыть бывшего парня?Therefore, the only, what really can be done, it's time to wait and try to divert your mind on something else. To do this,, eg, start to pay more attention to the following things:

  • his career. To begin, decide for yourself will it work, on which you easily and comfortably and that inspires and makes endeavor for the better. In that case, if not, then try to understand, whom and where you want yourself in the future, and then set a goal to realize itself precisely in this area and try to keep it clear to her.
  • Shape and appearance in general,. Start going to the fitness club, jogging along the promenade or park, Where, by the way, quite really get acquainted with another young man, with which to start is possible to maintain a friendly relationship. Longer take care of her appearance, starting, eg, SPA salons, or making a variety of masks and other treatments at home.
  • Near and dear to people. Just spend more time with family and friends. Walk with them on walks, entertainment centers, etc.. Try to be more on people and less with myself, not allowing himself to think about your parting and not allowing negative thoughts to yourself.

In order to forget the guy should cross the psychological barrier inside, and this is primarily just need to forgive all wrongs and pain of parting her boyfriend and throw out all the negative emotions. This can help make, eg, The following psychological techniques:

  • Ritual burning or just get rid of all the photos and even things, that resemble past relationships.
  • Throw out all the accumulated emotions through cry. To do this, you can go into the woods and scream and even narevetsya there is plenty. Get rid of the negativity can also, come down to the gym, where there is a pear, and where you can beat it thoroughly and sincerely. You need to throw it all out all the negative emotions and memories once and for all and stop to pick yourself about it every day of his life.
  • You can also start doing all the things, what you could do next to your guy, although very much like, feeling, that you are free in their decisions and actions.
  • Write down all the insults and bad thoughts to paper and tear or burn it with words, that all the negative out with this paper, and there is only all the bright and positive.

Man began to forget will become easier only, when you start, finally, fend for themselves the idea, without it your life as possible, and not so bad, as it seemed at first glance. From that moment you cross the threshold, created bitterness of parting, and be able to move forward.

We also recommend you to view the following video below, with the Council of Psychologists, how to forget the former man:

How to forget the guy - unrequited love

Как забыть парня – неразделенная любовьUnrequited love only destroys the individual and destroys it from within, so there is no better solution, than to try to get rid of her burden and try to forget Man, to which you nourish feelings. In fact, If you already did this desire, so, the first step has already been taken, continue to achieve the goal will be much easier.
first, which is recommended by many psychologists, it is easy to change the number of people, with which you have previously communicated. Though vaguely reminiscent of a man, you are trying to erase from his memory and perhaps even life, and especially, those companies, in which it is included. In order to meet new people, you can start attending any courses, swimming lessons, etc..
It is also important, to get rid of unrequited love, to rid themselves of faith in the unattainable fairy tale, about your happy future with him. It is necessary to live the, what we have now and do not miss your chance, who constantly gives us life, and not to build castles in the air. Understand for themselves, that the world did not stop at just one person, and if he is not near, then it's still not the same, who should actually be with you. Which in turn means, that there are people in the world, which is waiting for you, and perhaps he even is somewhere near you, and you just do not notice his happiness, Fixated on their suffering and shared love.
Constantly work on yourself and do not allow yourself to sink into the unpleasant thoughts, asking myself for the thousandth time the question "Why does not he love me?". Love more than myself, and do everything in order, so that your eyes become even better and more beautiful, and then life will show you their best side.

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