How to book your seat

Салон самолета

What place to choose?

Many of us have to fly on airplanes. For some, it is quite a usual thing or part of the work, for others - a lifetime event. And in the, In both cases, the comfort and experience of flight is directly dependent on the location, on which the passenger sits.

It's not a secret to anybody, what, as in any other form of transport, on the plane, there are places and not very good. About tom, which places are the best, and how to make it in time to fill them we will cover in this article.

How to book your seat

many people know, what, buying a plane ticket, passenger does not choose a place. Often, it is determined by a few hours before departure, during check-in. Is it possible to take your favorite places before?

Can. To date, different airlines offer several ways to book a specific seat on the plane: online registration, book when purchasing ticket, Reservations at airport check-in. Let's talk about each separately:

Online registration

Онлайн регистрация на сайте авиакомпании "Аэрофлот"

Online registration on the website of “Aeroflot”

Usually it starts for 24 hours to voyage (aeroflot, Transaero). Some companies (Emirates) to book a place, you can have a month before departure. In some airlines this service is non-existent. Also, online registration is not seen on charter flights.
To register over the Internet, we need e-ticket (e-ticket), which is also sold online. This opportunity is given by almost all airlines, therefore, at this stage, problems should arise. The ticket can be printed on paper, and can and does represent a normal computer file. the main thing, it must contain a unique code - booking number.

How to make your reservations online

This service from different airlines based on the same principle, Therefore, we will describe the general, universal online registration scheme:

  • go to airline's website
  • go to the menu online registration
  • The corresponding line enter reservation number, which is indicated on the ticket.

This will open a window with a diagram of the cabin and the designation of places. It only remains to choose the liked the place.
That's all. by the way, the presence or absence of baggage does not affect the reservation of seats. Luggage just give up at the airport.

How to book your seat when purchasing tickets

Book a suitable place can be on the stage of the purchase of the ticket, but most of this service paid. However, reserving space in such a way, you know immediately, where you sit. This type of reservation It recommended for long-haul flights, when you have to sit still for hours on end. Many passengers prefer to overpay a little, than to turn into many hours of flight meal.

Seat reservation at check-in

Очередь на регистрацию в аэропорту

The queue at the airport check-in

If you book the desired location could not advance, all is not lost. At check-in you can ask for a specific place. The operators themselves that often do not offer, as it is for their extra work. However, many airlines have such a service, and it is possible to demand.

Of course, to get the best seats, We need to try come to register as early as possible. However, even if you go to one of the last, you can still "try their luck" and ask about free places. Quite possible, that the passengers did not know to turn the possibility of ordering certain places and still have a choice.

What better place to book

The most comfortable and prestigious places considered in the forefront, following the business class. Also in great demand place at the emergency exits, however there are a few cons.

Advantage seats near the emergency exits is, that the front (in the aisle) there is not anyone, You can comfortably stretch out your legs and "collapse" on the chair. shortcomings much more:

  • Seatbacks have emergency exits normally do not recline, ie. convenient not get to go. And it is very uncomfortable in long-distance flights
  • Nowhere to put things, since the passage can not borrow
  • case emergency namely passengers, located closest to the emergency exit should be as soon as possible to open it and help others get. therefore, if you are not prepared to take decisive action in emergency situations, better places not choose.

Now you know, which seats on a plane is best to choose and how they can be booked in advance, to fly to their destination with maximum comfort.

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