How to lock the user to your contact?


Skid user to blacklist

In the early days of the network “Vkontakte”, users can hide their page from public access, restricting visibility to “friends”. Today this is not possible, and write on your wall are available to all participants in the social network.

But there are cases, when the attention of someone one to your resource has negative, promises or spam attacks. In this situation we can think on the, how to block user to your contact.

Block someone

If a person throws you spam, leaves negative entries on your wall, and at the same time is not a friend or acquaintance, to block his access to her page in several ways.

  1. Go no user page, whose presence in his journal wish to restrict. Scroll through all the posts on his wall down. At the end of the page you will find the answer to the question: how to block user to your contact. Between the buttons commands, or under the audio list you will see a button “Lock”(it is available, if a person is not included in your list of friends). Click on the button and the person gets a ban on access to your page.
  2. If the user allows frivolous behavior in your journal, or throws messages like spam, you can block his access not only to their page, but entry into a social network. To do this on the page of the annoying User, down below, click on the “Report page”. In the box that appears stating the claim and click “Send”.. In review, you can attach links to messages or inappropriate attacks to your address. The administration will consider the application faster, if a few people complain User.
  3. If you have enough, to annoying character I have ceased to leave angry comments, go to “My settings”. Click on the column “blacklist”. In the address bar, copy the link to the page annoying, or write to its data.

You to understand, what function the “Block user” and “Send in the black list” different from the “Report page”, I have something to explain.

  1. When you lock and sending the user to the blacklist, he loses the ability to read and write on your page in messages. He ceases to see your wall in the general newswire.
  2. When filing a complaint to the page contact, must be understood, that restrict user access to the site, or permanently remove his profile. Therefore, the complaint must be substantiated accusations and iron arguments in favor of his innocence.

Now you can not suffer the question: how to block user to your contact, and continue to enjoy communication in social networks.

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