How to block banners?

Advertising - the engine of progress! But the Internet active users annoying ads, literally flooded all sites seriously annoying. Popup windows, melteshenie, flashing do the job content simply impossible. Increasingly, the question sounds: "How to block banners?»

Disabling the hype, you can:

ad Blocking

ad Blocking

  • speed up download;
  • focus on the content, work quietly;
  • to save data costs,which is important for mobile Internet users;
  • to increase the duration of the laptop battery.

Consider the simple ways to block banners in different browsers.

In Google Chrome do the following:

  • Select "settings".
  • In the window "tools" –> "Extensions". In a new tab at the bottom “find more extensions”.
  • Clicking on the link, find out on the opened page extension “AdBlock”.
  • Install the extension AdBlock and another file, which will install the AdBlock icon. It will appear on the right-hand toolbar. This extension allows you to quickly and correctly to block any advertising. easily customizable, It has a Russian interface.

The answer to the question "How to block banners?"For Internet Explorer users

banners off algorithm in this browser:

  • To open the browser.
  • On the menu (from above) select the tab "Service".
  • In the popup list, choose "Internet options".
  • Choose the tab "Privacy".
  • To turn the button “on pop-up blocker”.

If desired, you can enable ads on some sites, to do this, click the "Settings" button and specify specific sites.

Effectively defend against banner ads in web browsers Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will help Anvi Ad Blocker. true, after 15 days of free usage will have to buy a license key.

Blocking advertising banners in Mozilla Firefox

A few tips, how to block banners in the browser:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • In the menu, select "Tools".
  • In the drop-list, select "Options".
  • Select the tab "content", click the button "Block popup Windows".
  • As well, as described above, you can leave the banner ads on some sites, by clicking the button "Exceptions" and enter the address of the selected site.

In custody, Here is a small overview of the programs, to help deal with advertising banners.

  • Adblock Plus is designed specially for Mozilla Firefox;
  • Ad Blocker extension for Google Chrome;
  • Traffic Inspector – free app;
  • Anvi Ad Blocker helps you block ads in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome и Mozilla Firefox. it, perhaps, the most versatile and powerful program of the proposed. The only negative - it paid.
  • Adblock Plus for Opera;
  • PopUp Stopper – blocks pop-up ads in various browsers. It does not require any proxy settings or add sites to the list. Do not remove the images from the sites and does not slow down the browser. Custom settings allow you to make a list of sites, where advertising is permitted;
  • Adgurd – works with various web browsers (Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox) and blocks various Internet counters, multimedia advertising (video, banners, Flash, etc.).

Applications to fight is on the Internet today offers a lot and each user can choose the most suitable plan for you. Despite, that many of them are paid, it's worth it, because it will save not only your time, but often the money. We hope, this article has helped you answer the question: "How to block banners?»

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