How do I install Skype on your computer



In this article, we will tell and show, how to install Skype, and on what settings during the installation should pay attention.

How do I install Skype on your computer

Install Skype on a computer in two ways: 1. With SkypeSetup.exe loader (1,5MB), which is downloaded on the official website of the program 2. With the installation file SkypeSetupFull.exe (33MB) Here are step by step instructions for installing Skype on your computer using the boot loader Run the downloaded file SkypeSetup.exe. If a security warning pops up, ignore it and click Start. There is a window

Первый этап установки Skype

The first phase of installation of Skype

Let us consider some of the installation options

language Selection

It's simple, Select interface language. ie. not the language, on which you communicate, and the language, which will be signed by the button, menus and other elements of the program. the interface language at any time can be changed.

Run Skype when the computer starts.

If you do not tick off, then every time you boot Windows will run Skype. It's comfortable, If you use your computer, basically, for communication. If you do not plan to use Skype too often, tick is best removed, to speed up the loading and operation of the system. At the bottom of the window you can jump to the page terms of use Skype. We encourage you to read them, that in the future there were no issues. When everything is done, push button I agree (-on) - Further. The following window.

Установка плагина Click to Call

Install the plugin Click to Call

Here we are invited to establish crib Click to Call, which allows you to make quick calls to, published on different web pages. If you plan to use Skype to communicate only with certain interlocutors, this feature is hardly useful to you. If you plan to make Skype calls in different cases in different organizations, the plug-in you will be very useful. After that, the choice is made, press Continue.

Настройка Bing и MSN

Configuring Bing and MSN

In the next window we are invited to set up search engine Bing as the default search, but MSN Home make your home. It all depends on the user's preference. I, eg, all ticks removed. Press the button again Continue and wait, while the full version Skype download and install on your computer.

Процесс установки Skype

The installation process Skype

The waiting time depends on the Internet connection speed. When the file is fully loaded, the program is automatically set. After installing the program, It pops up a window with the authorization.

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