How do Yandex home page

Many users want, but do not know, how to make your homepage Yandex. In this article we will touch on this question. AND, really, very comfortably, when immediately after the browser opens a panel or not express the official website of any application, and search engine. Here you can immediately view the latest news, weather, exchange rate and other useful things. Although, of course, it's a matter of taste. Since the setting is individual, consider it in each browser separately.

Google Chrome

  1. The first step, open the main application window and click on the icon in the form of a key. Here select “Settings”.

    Home Yandex

    Home Yandex

  2. You are interested in the Basic tab, then click on “Home page” and click on “Next page”. In the corresponding field enter “”


  1. Open the main window and go to setup. This can be done using a combination ctrl + F12.
  2. Note the line At startup, here click on “home page”
  3. In the corresponding field enter “”

Mozilla FireFox

  1. Go to the home page, next, type in the search box address – This opens a new page.
  2. Pay attention to the left area of ​​the window, Here click on the site icon and drag it to the primary browser page icon.

How to make a home page in Internet Explorer Yandex

  1. Open your homepage Yandex.
  2. Next, click on the image house and select one of the proposed actions. Are you interested in – “Use page as home”.

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