How to take credit for MTS on the phone and cash

Как взять кредит на МТСMTS has long occupied a strong position not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries and it is at the forefront among the leading telecommunication operators. Work it never stands still, and MTS creators are trying only to improve its capacity. And access to credit, MTS began to provide one of the first, and in its arsenal, there are several services, by which this can be done. Let us consider each of them.

How to take credit for MTS phone

In that case, if the account on your phone close to zero, and you need to make urgent calls, or you want to save time, you spend on trips to payment terminals, MTS offers to borrow from her some money to set deadlines now. The advantage of this opportunity, obviously, the more that get it will not be difficult, for it is only necessary to know all the conditions and rules of the activation provided by the loan of money.

Take credit for MTS on the phone will help the following measures:

  • With the activation of the service "Promised payment for MTS".
  • By incorporating MTS Services "on complete trust".

How to take credit for MTS phone

The service promised payment at MTS

Promised payment on the MTS allows you to recharge your account with a zero or even negative balance, without leaving home, and directly using the phone itself. Personal loans obtained through the activation of this service, plus to the already existing on the account balance of the subscriber and is given just a week, after which a subscriber number being charged previously entered. In order to activate the promised payment on MTS you can use one of the following ways:

  • Call MTS mobile service, dialed 1113. After that, follow the necessary instructions.
  • Dial a special combination *111*123# call button.
  • With Internet Assistant, go to that you can on the official website of MTS, after setting a personal password to it. After opening the service should go to the "Payment" section, which will be the appropriate subsection "Promised payment", through it and done service activation.
  • Take the help of MTS service. In that case, if you do it from your phone, then open the service menu to dial the following USSD-command – *111#, then sequentially select the appropriate items from the appearing submenu. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you should dial combination *111*1111#, then it will also open the desired application.

Before activating the services promised payment on the MTS should be aware of the limitations listed below, and the conditions of use it:

  • The ability to take credit for MTS is available only for the subscribers, no longer in arrears, than 30 rubles.
  • Debts must be repaid upon the expiry of the loan, preferably shortly before, to the room was not locked.
  • In that case, if MTS provided a loan for more than the phone 20 rubles, service becomes paid and account for the use of contingent payments to star 5 rubles.
  • The amount of credit granted, by connecting this service, It depends on how actively communicating cellular subscribers of MTS. User, communication costs which amount to no more 300 rubles per month, connecting service, It has the opportunity to request 200 rubles, if the costs are from 300 to 500 rubles, the amount is increased to 400 rubles. His most large confidence payment are able to buy only the subscribers, who spend on communication services more than fifty rubles.
  • anyone, on account of having at least a little more than zero, He is entitled to borrow up to 50 rubles.
  • Simultaneous connection of two, outstanding loan services: on complete trust and promised payment impossible.
  • Not repay the existing debt to take additional promised payment, can only subscribers monthly costs of which are at least 501 Ruble and who took a loan is not more than half the amount, they are entitled to receive.

MTS service on complete trust

Activation provided by the mobile operator MTS services in full trust is an excellent solution for those, who actively uses MTS, and who do not have the ability or desire to replenish their accounts more than, than once a month. The great advantage of the service is the fact, that her connection, and use absolutely free.
The service works as follows::

  • After connecting the MTS subscriber has the ability to communicate and negative balance, until it reaches the, established limit.
  • The minimum and the initial credit limit is 300 rubles.
  • When, if the subscriber, old-, faithfully repay all of its debt and its activity in dialogue only increases, limit its credit of trust from MTS increased by the amount, which is calculated, based on the amount of its costs for three months.
  • The limit can be reduced to the original, in that case, if not to repay the previous loan payment.
  • With the help of Internet assistant in the special section "Control limit" under "full trust" or by means of USSD-commands *111*2136#, it is possible to turn conversion limit of confidence, and its fixation.
  • In the case of non-payment of the invoice for the debt in time, established operator MTS, phone is turned off before its full repayment.
  • Take credit for MTS on the phone with the service "On full confidence" in the following way:
  • Through MTS service.
  • Through the Internet Assistant, opening "At full confidence" section.
  • Scored USSD-command *111*32# call.
  • Denial of service activation can be obtained in the following cases:
  • If you have one of the following tariffs: Guest, MTS Connect, Cool or MTS-iPad.
  • If you are a recent MTS subscriber and using its services is not more than three months.
  • If the balance is moved to the minus.
  • If there is debt in other rooms that you own MTS.
  • If in the last three months of using MTS services the subscriber does not even spent on it 300 rubles.

How to take credit for the MTS Cash

Besides, MTS offers its customers to communicate in debt, in also now possible when the need arises to take credit for MTS cash. Moreover, the application for the provision of consumer credit may be submitted in MTS salons, and online at the official website of MTS Bank, for this we need only to fill in specially designed for this form.

Как взять кредит на МТС наличными

Currently, MTS provides an opportunity to draw the following consumer loans:

  • Express Loan. In that case, if you want to get an amount of not more than 250 000 rubles, in the short period of time and in the shortest possible time and with the provision of a minimum number of documents, it is best to apply for express loan, which is covered in half an hour. The downside of this loan is a big interest rate.
  • Standard cash. If you can wait for a decision on the application within three days and submit a document, proof of your income, as well as the amount you need, exceeding 250 thousand, the best solution would be to try to get a loan "cash standard". Advantage of this loan is much lower interest rate, than in the previous case.

In addition to the above, MTS Bank offers loans to take advantage of the following special offers:

  • For payroll clientsat, that is, for those, whose salary is transferred to MTS map.
  • For conscientious borrowersat, namely for customers, who took a loan previously and in good faith to repay it ahead of schedule, or within a specified time.
  • For corporate customers, ie for those, who are employees of the company to maintain cooperation with MTS.

More detailed information on the service of the loan in cash on MTS can be found on the official website http MTS Bank://

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