How to take the confidence or promised payment on the megaphone on the phone and internet

Как взять доверительный или обещанный платеж на МегафонеNo one is immune to the situation, when you need to make an urgent call, and money on your mobile bill, or not enough, or they did run out, The nearest ATM or payment points too far to travel. In this case, the forward-looking developers Megafon cellular communication offer very easy to use the services of trust or promised payment. questions arise, which makes this service, how to use it, and whether there are any conditions for the possibility of its connection?

The service is confidential or promised payment on a megaphone

The service promised payment, provided by the mobile operator Megafon network, It allows subscribers to stay in touch and make calls even if, if a zero balance was achieved abroad. In order to use it you only need to activate the so-called conditional payment on your phone. But before you connect the services you need to know, that there are still some limitations and its conditions of use:

  • Of great importance is, at what point do you use available at this time phone number Megafon network. The longer service data mobile operator, the higher will be the amount provided by connecting the promised payment.
  • A huge impact on the decision of the operator that, in what amount you give is promised payment and the amount of, you spend on average per month, and, is the region where the rate of, used numbers.
  • The service is not connected, immediately upon completion of the term of its granting, in that case, if you have not repaid the previous payment and confidence, together with the service "credit of trust", if the credit limit is greater than zero subscriber.
  • It is also important to know the, that this service is one of the paid, and for its connection with the account comes off a certain amount of.
  • Take confidence payment, subscribers have the option not all tariff plans. So, eg, for users, owning corporate tariff plan service is not available. So before, than to try to take the promised payment you need to know, Is this service available to your tariff.
  • Connect trustee payment is possible only for three days, after which the subscriber's account goes negative, and if time does not repay, number is blocked.
  • The service can be connected and with the negative balance, in that case, if it does not exceed a certain limit.

In this way, if you are a recent and not too active subscriber MegaFon network and use its services less than ninety days, after connection of trust only the minimum payment amount it will be in your account.

Как подключить доверительный или обещанный платеж на мегафонеHow to connect your confidence or promised payment on a megaphone

Connect trustee payment is quite simple and easy. In that case, if the number is not blocked, this can be done in several ways:

  1. With the help of a guide service to take the promised payment, You can consistently gaining the necessary commands, namely opening the service menu key combination *105# call, and choosing to receive the following submenu items: “Services”(2), “If zero”(5), “Trust payment”(1) or immediately by typing *105*1*5*2# call. Also in the service guide can be accessed through the menu MegafonPRO, sending a message to the number of unfilled 000105, as well as through the official website Megaphone.
  2. By sending an SMS message with the sum, you want to receive as trustee for payment to a special number 0006.
  3. By dialing specially intended for this combination of numbers and characters *106# call.

When the locked room, take the promised payment on the megaphone you can only use a third way.

Promised payment on the Internet-a megaphone

In addition to the above trust payment recently to subscribers of MegaFon network of branches both: Northwestern, Siberian and Volga, as well as some of the tariffs of other regions became available service "Promised payment-internet». With this new service, the opportunity to connect additional options for convenient and unlimited access to the World Wide Web, called Internet, even if, If your account a little short of money, To pay for its inclusion. And the ability to connect the promised payment, the Internet is offered immediately, when you try to enable the required option, namely after dialing a special USSD-combination or sending a message to a dedicated number for this 000105009. Promised payment internet-enabled immediately after the consent of the subscriber, the missing amount is added to the already existing on the account balance, whereupon the required option starts.

Can I cancel the service confidence payment on a megaphone?

The service is confidential payment on a megaphone turns off automatically after only three days, after which the amount owed is removed and returned to the cellular operator. So it is advisable not to wait until the end of the payment action and fund balance in the amount of at least slightly higher, what will sminusovano, otherwise the number will be blocked, and will be available only incoming calls and SMS.

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