How to bring fleas out of the house

To date, most unpleasant "parasites" is fleas are in the apartment. They are almost invisible the human eye, therefore, their reproduction may start long before, as a man will pay attention to the unpleasant bites and severe itching. Once and for all to bring fleas out of his apartment, We can not act alone, thereby forcing himself to return again and again to the source of the whole problem.

How to start a fight with fleas?

First of all, you must identify the source of fleas breeding. Usually, if they are "live" in any one of a multistory apartment house, it is safe to say that, that almost all the others will also suffer this misfortune. Therefore, at the first stage it is best to go on the floors and view, Whether live anywhere in the entrance of stray animals or people with no fixed abode, and make sure, properly disposed of waste. These factors could be the root cause of breeding fleas. Secondly, necessary to determine the method of struggle against insects. In most cases, to get the fleas, It recommended to call the service sanitization porches and apartments, which with the help of modern chemical agents without stains and odors quickly and guaranteed to cope with the existing issue.

Getting rid of fleas

In more rare cases,, when insect control stand only individuals and only in his own apartment, They can be used common insecticides such as "Dihlofoks". Before treatment these funds should be removed from the exposed areas and densely packed all the food, and lead to another room pets from their cells and aquariums. After that is necessary to process the main places where fleas, namely: floor, walls, baseboards and other places, where there is a small crack or gap. after 30 minutes after the delousing served room should be well ventilated, and treated surfaces wiped using a soap solution. finally, in order to prevent the emergence of new "neighbors" must constantly keep attention focused on the cleaning of his apartment and the entrance to the whole. And every few weeks to carry out "control cleaning" using strong chemicals. That such activities will help you to bring fleas out of your apartment or house. Anyway, the appearance of fleas you need to immediately start a fight with them, that in the future for a long time to forget about their existence.

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