How to get out of the contacts?

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How to get out in Touch

Social network “VK” is gaining its popularity every day. New members learn and understand the use of the interface in order, how to get out of the contacts, or pour a video on your wall.

It would seem that, get out of the social network is not difficult, but sometimes the “Exit” button in the upper right corner of the interface does not work, and the profile remains active. Try to find a way, how to get out in contact with the situation.

Out contact through a browser capabilities

When the “Exit” button refuses to work, and you urgently need to change the page or to exit from the social network, try clearing your browser Cookie.

cleaning action stories visits browsers about the same, consider the example of two, most popular.

  1. Firefox. Select the button “Service”. In it find the entry “Clear personal data”. In this section, check, to choose the item “Cookies”. And click on the “Clear private data now”.
  2. Opera. Also choose “Service”. In it look for the “Settings”button. Further – “extended”. Choose “Cookies”. This browser may choose sites, with whom you choose to delete the personal data. You make your choice. Press “Delete”.

These simple steps will help you to deal with the, how to get out of the contacts, if the “Exit” button does not work.

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