How to calculate the invisibility in the "Classmates"?

 Absolutely each of the users in the "Classmates" have met at a party on his page invisibility. And of course everyone is curious, who was so interested in his incognito persona?
In various forums, some hackers talk about, that they are able to take the mystery out of such invisible. But, meanwhile, enterprising hackers do not hurry to reveal secrets. To start, to know your invisible guest require payment of the procedure. This "expert" usually promises, that as soon as the money will go to his account - you will be given the name of the invisible. meanwhile, history is silent about cases of happy recognition stealth, in other words, reviews in forums that, that someone is happy with the services of a hacker is not. perhaps because, that in the majority of our people are quite sane, and they do not make shady deals with such experts.

The truth about the mysteries of invisible to schoolmates

meanwhile, for many users "Classmates" the question whether it is possible to see the invisible and classmates remains open. so here, razocharuem you, but no, this can not be done. This has repeatedly been written in various forums and have been given quite a logical and strong arguments.
The fact, what site "Odnoklassniki" stealth provides service for the money. therefore, for the reason that, that the service is carried out is not free, Site Administration guarantees the confidentiality of the invisible. What to say? Bravo administration "Odnoklassniki" you just imagine, which funds the river drained into their account on your game with the psychology of their users. After all, many people have the habit to learn other people's secrets, or simply watch someone and remain unnoticed. noticed this, fairly common psychological moment the administration and offers such a service, as "invisible"

History invisible disclosure in the "Classmates"

It must be admitted, some time ago, namely 2009 was invisible yet could declassify. The secret lay in HTML - the code. The bottom line was that, that the invisible mode of disclosure opened the text of the original page. To uncover invisible mode calculates the difference in the markup code marking cards Invisible. After that, from the code to isolate link?st.cmd=friendMain&st.friendId1240403394919&tkn12376 it was chosen the option “friendId=240403394919” he is the invisible man!
To get the name of the invisible was enough to open the site and on any profile page insert in the row of links Id pass on the resulting link, and here he is - our schemer! Learned?
But, Unfortunately or fortunately this method of determining the invisible sunk into the past. And as if we were not interested in knowing their invisible guests, we can only thank the owners "Odnoklassniki" site for the provision of high quality services. In this way, person, pay the fee, can be calm, that remain unidentified. In the same time, we must pay tribute, so, that the administration has taken care of those, to whom invisible guests walk in – for some time now, Invisible to become truly invisible. It means, you do not even see, she visited you - it just does not affect you on the page in the "Guests" section.

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