How to choose a good grinder, and what to look for in the store

angle grinder, More popularly known, like - Bulgarian, It is a tool, which should be in the arsenal of not only professional builders, roofers and other blue-collar jobs, but also ordinary people. From time to time in the economy often there are cases, when required Use of this instrument. Do not necessarily buy the most expensive model, but most people do not know, how to choose a good grinder, and what to look for in the store, not to overpay, and buy a different model.

In Bulgarian

In Bulgarian

It is for all these reasons,, first you need to know, what are the data device, What capabilities does and for what types of work can be used, and which do not.

What does the Bulgarian?

This tool can be used when working with stone, metal, concrete, during Roofing. With it, you can do the seams on the walls, polished surface, remove old paint or plaster, clean the rust, cut tile, plastic, steel, wood, etc.. d. The tool can also be used for cutting out door and window openings in walls, If you select a disk diameter, the professional model of the device and discs Diamond Products.

Highlights in selecting grinders

When buying a grinder, you must pay attention to the basic characteristics of the instrument:

  • power
  • adjustment of turns
  • the diameter of the disc

Bulgarians are divided into professional and consumer. Professional models more powerful, have more opportunities, but they are much more expensive. They are used by people, that such equipment is regularly required to work: builders, Roofers, blacksmiths, etc.. d. To replenish the arsenal of household electrical goods, better to buy a consumer model of the mid-market. Household grinders can work continuously for 15-20 minutes, after which the instrument must be switched off and wait a bit, the engine is cold. Typically, for domestic use that time enough. Professional models can work continuously for a few hours.

It is important to pay attention to the number of pens. For simple models, only one, for professional, the better to work, We need two handles and desirable, that they are rubberized.

Thinking about, how to choose a good grinder, and what to look for in the store, do not forget of the important things, as the capacity of the device. It varies from 0,5 to 2,5 kW. It is more than, the more powerful the work the unit itself. It depends on it, and the average duration of work, that need to be done with the help of.

stone cutting grinder

stone cutting grinder

rotational speed value is determined independently grinders. But there are some models, where you can choose the desired speed of the offered modes. but, not everyone will be able to determine what kind of disc rotation speed is necessary when working with a particular material, therefore it is better to give preference to quality models.

Disk size can vary from 115 to 230 mm. 115 mm - suitable for simple works, 230 mm - can cut pipe, plate, brick. For domestic use is best to choose 125 mm. And professionals, usually, arsenal has several Bulgarians to work of different complexity.

Bulgarian - although useful tool, but it is very traumatic. You can seriously injure yourself, others, or severely damage or spoil the treated material. Therefore, manufacturers try to equip the device a large number of additional functions, which reduce the risk of these injuries.

What nuances necessary to pay attention?

  • A system soft start will allow you to start a disk without sudden jerks, gradually increasing the amount and speed of revolutions. This will make the start of work safety. the speed of rotation will gradually increase, that does not allow the device to slip out of the hands.
  • Support system constant speed, enable, regardless of the applied force, maintain stable speed.
  • No less important is the presence in the Bulgarian system of protection from accidental start-up. This will avoid many troubles and injuries. Especially important is the presence of this function in everyday grinder, families with children, that they, reach them, nothing is done, and did not cause harm to themselves and others.
  • Each optional feature is reflected in the final cost of the tool, so you should choose only those functions, that really will need.
  • The protection against jamming, if the disc, when cutting material stuck, automatically disable the tool and prevent the motor from burning.
  • it's desirable, to an engine it was also equipped with a protection against dust and different particles. After all, this tool is used for cutting or grinding, therefore, dust and dirt while working a lot.
  • On professional devices often have anti-vibration system, which significantly reduces the load on the arms and the man does not get tired longer.
  • Often, the tool should be used there, where there are no sockets, far from civilization, any such, in a newly built house does not let down electricity. In this case, you can buy a device with battery.
  • You cannot use the equipment without a casing.
  • Drives, used with the device, They should be strictly used for Bulgarians, but not for other types of power tools.
  • Important, to inside Cut-grinder brushes were. They will provide additional protection devices, eg, then, when there are interruptions during outages. If an error occurs, the unit will turn off automatically. And for the resumption of its work, You will need to disable it first, and then on again.

Even after reading a lot of information about the, how to choose a good grinder, and what to look for in the store, Many came to the shop, often skeptical and do not trust themselves. The price range on the Bulgarian wide enough, so it's important, first determine the types and volumes of work, which is planned to be carried out using the device. You should not try to save on everything, if you need to regularly use the device. It can quickly be damaged, if it is overloaded.

The cost depends on the brand and type of grinder, its capacity and additional features. Usually, large manufacturers give their products a guarantee for 1-2 of the year. The price of professional tools More, than the domestic price of about 2-3 fold. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy expensive professional model, If you plan to use it only at home, a couple of times a year, maximum.

Having defined the power, the disc size and the type of device, also, being in the store, not hurt just hold it in your hands, estimate, as a Bulgarian holding, convenient if the handle. This kind of "fitting" is very important, as it allows you to immediately determine whether or not comfortable to work with the instrument. It is necessary to pay attention to the start button, the convenience of its location.

As for the companies - manufacturers, among the domestic bolgarok, More popular devices from brands such, as the «Stern», «Skil» и «Black and Decker». Among the professional devices, It is considered the best products of such companies, as: «Makita», «Bosch» и «Hitachi». A grinder of «Hilti» company are considered the most high-quality and powerful in the world. of course, that the cost of their high.

Select the right tools, It allows to perform certain work in the home, still at work. It will last for many years, help out in certain situations, or will be loyal assistant in the professional sphere.

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