How to choose a password?

In our multi-faceted Internet is simply impossible to do without a password, and sooner or later, to register on the site, create your e-wallet or mail – you must unconditionally. That is why coming up with a password. But the passwords are different. How to choose a password? You can dial and 6 figures, then hack your box, that you value, or in which you have a personal or correspondence - not even a power user. And the programs on the Internet more and more with each passing day, that can not just hack your mail, but also use the data and saved passwords in it. What to do? How correctly to choose a password, so no one was able to look into your inner sanctum?

how to choose a password

Probably, all know that time, when you need to choose not only the login, but also a strong password, and when you look at it, that write, know, and that the username and password should be unique and memorable, recognizable, -That reflect what your personal characteristics, your "flavor". A password should have at the same time, and good reliability, to crack or to pick it up was not easy, but better - it is impossible to.

There are many ways, how to choose a password - and all of them in the first place requires a unique. Choose your password so, that he was so, which no one. For that system, where you are registered, need to, to your username different from all, for, to identify and distinguish between its users. In the same way, many experts advise to choose and password.

  • Password can pick up, "Playing" with letters and numbers, changing their, rearranging, "Confusing".
  • You can not use simple passwords such as the user, and so on, as they absolutely are not unique, and accordingly, easy to succumb to cracking.
  • In no case do not use passwords in your name, or the names of the girl or boy. In general, many professionals are advised not to place the password into the personal information, as this will only facilitate hackers path to the desired cracking.
  • You also can not create a short passwords, but long too bad - you can just forget them. The most ideal option is considered to be generated from the password 8 to 12 characters.
  • The password must be present as the numbers, and letters, and they should alternate.
  • It is not superfluous to add quite a password and symbols, that place between letters and numbers. Too many programs are not able to read some characters, let alone what they are intricately, all the better.
  • true, not always skipped characters when registering, there is a certain range, which can not be used, and when you create a password any program there and then you point to those, which are unacceptable. But do not despair. Just replace them with others. On any computer, there are entire symbol table, and if you find the original, it is only reliably protect you from foreign intervention.
  • You can complicate the task of pests, who will try to reach your innermost. To do this, use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, they are often just enough to put through one. But do not forget between them "stick" at least a few characters, which will make your password somewhat longer but, However, reliable.


    password selection

Many people ask - how to choose a password different method, easier, but that he was a reliable? Just type any phrase in Russian letters on English keyboard layout - and this is also one of the good options, Just yet, you should then write.

For, so your passwords and the truth was more secure, as soon as you create it - write down somewhere in a notebook, or removable media. It is not necessary to store your passwords in a prominent place, or on the desktop. It is better, if it will be recorded separately from all the information, and sign it you can just, that no one, but you will not be able to guess, from what he. But, as they say, "God saves man, who save himself", so it's worth a little tough, but to choose a personal password, that will give you confidence, that none of your data, except you, not see or read.

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