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For wood from ancient times used a variety of tools. Modern industry supplies the market more sophisticated models of woodworking equipment, among which a special place instruments for curly and accurate processing of wood.

These include electric jigsaws, is a modified version of the manual tool, who knows in school lessons work.

Jigsaw is used to working with wood, nonferrous and ferrous metals, ceramic tiles, various types of stone and glass. The tool is widely used for performing shaped articles of complex configuration and high.

Its scope is quite broad, since it is an indispensable tool for carpenters, furniture designers, masters, working with drywall and wood. With regard to its use in the home, the, often we buy jigsaws during the overhaul of an apartment or building a country house.

types of Jigsaw

With regard to classification, there are two types of Jigsaw: professional and consumer, i.e, home use. Tool for professionals is more power (no less 580 W), while the power of appliances does not exceed 350 W.

For comparison, an example, which is directly related to the technical possibilities of the instrument for different purposes. Household jigsaws are used for cutting up thick wooden blanks 5 cm, metal - 2,3 cm.

In the same time, for industrial use tool capable of cutting product, thickness reaches: tree - 13,5 cm, metal - from 1 to 2 cm. Design features allow electrical fret saw to saw a hole radius, exceeding 15 mm.



By type of model buildings are divided into tools, provided with a handle in the form of staples and a mushroom. To judge the merits and demerits of these forms is quite difficult, because everything depends on the preferences of the owner.
And last, wherein there is a difference between professional and consumer models - is the way the saw attachment: Phillips shank, smooth, and the shank, having a mounting hole. If you buy a jigsaw for home use, should be considered, that the most widely used is the latter two.

tool apparatus

The standard construction consists of an electric jigsaw:

  • motor;
  • electronic control unit;
  • reducer;
  • reference platform, serving as a support during operation (its inclination angle is adjustable depending on the angle of cut);
  • mechanism for adjusting the pendulum motion;
  • stock;
  • the support roller;
  • fixtures for quick change of saws.

In household current or battery may be used as a power source. The actuator is an electric motor, the rotation of which is transmitted through the gearbox to the special gear, fitted with a rod. In the end,, rotational movement is converted into a reciprocating. The saw is fixed directly to the rod.

Technical specifications

Capacity and weight

Power rating range from Jigsaw 400 to 750 W, which has a significant influence on the cutting depth. Normally, this parameter is specified in the passport data. Many experts do not recommend to buy for domestic use of high power devices (but, so, and heavy weight), because at home plays a big role compactness and mobility tools.

As experience has shown, Yourselfers best use models weighing up 2 kg. The easiest jigsaws weigh no more 1 kg, industrial and weight can exceed 3 kg.

The speed of

Most models of the leading manufacturers working in the range of 400 to 3500 oscillations per minute. Besides, tools can be equipped with various systems of adjusting the frequency of the reciprocating motion: the speed limit is set before the beginning or in the process. The selection criterion is the nature of the processed material.

saw the course

Using the tool pendulum mechanism makes it possible to move the saw at the same time the spirit of planes (back and forth, as well as up and down). As stated in the instructions, which is attached to the instrument, pendulum action is most effective, only in straight cutting. In the case of curved cuts, there is a possibility of damage fabric.

Additional features and accessories

Purification and cooling of the tool

Several models of electric jigsaws are equipped with efficient removal of waste and air cooling the electric motor. waste cleaning during operation is accomplished by redirecting the airflow emanating from the fan.

In the first case the chips blown out from under saws, second, after changing the direction of air flow sucked through the waste conduit to a portable dust collector.

Special clamp for fast change of cloths

This device gives the opportunity to replace the blade without using an Allen key.


It allows you to set the saw at virtually any angle. Most often used for cutting small diameter holes.

angle sole fixation apparatus

The use of the locking device makes it possible to cut at an angle of 45 °. The adjustment can be carried out step by step (step by 5 to 15o).

Shape cutting wood

The special table can be used as an accessory to perform shape cutting, which is attached jig. In this case, do not move the tool during operation, a material with a guide for straight cutting.

How to work a jigsaw?

work jigsaw


When cross-cut setting necessary to firmly fix the edge line on the web. To make propyl at 45 ° first loosen the screws skis and put them at the right angle. After installing the screws clamp until it stops.

To cut a hole in the beginning need to

material to draw a circle. After that, make a hole in it, into which the jigsaw blade and is drawn by the line of propyl.

During cutting plexiglass, polystyrene, stainless steel to prevent accelerated wear of the saw should use additional cooling means (aqueous soap solution, running water or engine oil).

For cutting and plastic thin sheet metal jigsaws recommended to use a frequency of motion of at least the web 1000 oscillations per minute.
It should be remembered, that the low-speed tool requires more frequent stops, that it is necessary to cool the motor.

Choosing saws

The main selection criteria - blade length must always be larger than the thickness of the workpiece, i.e, the edge should extend beyond the lower edge of the material. Otherwise, the beating of the stock will be, that may cause damage to the tool.
For clean cutting of wood, it is desirable to use a saw with fine teeth. If you want to speed up the work, in this case the chain saw should be used with a larger tooth.

Curly wire cutting saws narrow, whose teeth are quite small. and metal cutting performed by special plexiglass webs with very small teeth.

Maintenance of tools and safety rules

Care cutting tool is regular cleaning working parts and moving parts Lubricant. For this purpose, oil, which is recommended by the manufacturer. When working with the tool should strictly adhere to the safety instructions, concerning the treatment of the power tool.

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