How to knit mittens 2 needles: video and photo

Как вязать варежки 2 спицамиthe traditional way, by means of which the majority is considered needlewomen carved mitten knitting them with the hosiery needles in a circle. But there is another option, which many found the most simple, It is the use of the only two spokes. The only drawback of this knitting mittens is, that they will be met with a seam, but it will not spoil them, if you learn how to gently and quietly sew them.

instruction, how to knit mittens on two needles for beginners:

  • first, you need to do before creating mittens - it is necessary to perform measurements: arm girth, brush length from the wrist to the middle finger and the thumb length.
  • Выполняем необходимые замерыIt was only after the necessary measurements and calculate the density of knitting, knitting pattern selection can proceed to the main process.
  • Master mittens a little easier, than knit gloves. Each mitten made up of two parts: upper and lower, and in the final stage provyazyvaetsya thumb.
  • Both of the products are beginning to knit with gum, the best versions of this pattern are gum 1×1 or 2×2, because they are more dense and look great in combination with other patterns. Knitting needles for gum take on 1 thinner size, than for the main knitting order, to articles cuff firmly seated on the wrist. The number of loops for the corresponding cuff typed half the width of the palm of your hand.
  • After knitting the cuff required length, needles change to the main spokes, and mittens knitted fabric, the pattern, which was picked up in advance. Knit mittens for beginners better and easier it will be a simple front embroidery.
  • Without any changes in the upper half mittens provyazyvaetsya until the end of little finger, then you need to start subtraction. To this end, in each purl row at the beginning and end of the row decreases by one eyelet, via provyazyvaniya two extreme loops together, as one wrong loop. For, to toe mittens turned triangular, Bates loop until, until the spoke not two loops remain, which are also connected together. And to tie the oval toe decrease executed until, until the spokes will not remain 8 loops, to be closed facial loops.
  • vareg palezFinger mittens knit spokes start on the inside of the product. And you need to consider before you begin, that mittens are made by two different hands: left and right. Start provyazyvaetsya palm area in the same way, as the back of the, but before the start of the big toe. Dovyazav up to this point, painting should be divided into four parts, three of which are dedicated to retake most of the pin. After which the remainder of the fourth part of the loop gets the same number of loops, that it was transferred to the pin, but the thread of a different color. It is from these loops will provyazyvatsya cloth thumb, but the main thread color. Knit this part of the product to the desired length, equal to the length of the thumb, loops retake the other pin, and the additional thread is taken out of the product, while stringing opened tabs on the needle. The next step is to loops, located on the spokes, adding the main part of the loop mittens, peresnyatye first on a pin, and provyazyvaem them until the end of little finger, then perform loops decrease, same, as for the back of the gloves.
  • After that, the two parts will be ready mittens, We start stitching mittens. Primarily a hidden seam is sewn thumb, not knit eyelet upper part, thrown over before the pin, hooked needle and firmly tightened. Crosslinked and then the rest of the mitten. The second mitten fit, as the first.
  • Upon completion of the, in that case, if the product is one color tally, if desired, on the rear side thereof can perform embroidery.

After that, you will learn all the important moments of the process of creating mittens, you can make for yourself and your family with a pattern more complex models, or even with an ornament. An example of one such interesting models, as well as detailed instructions to it is described in the following video:

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