How to knit slippers: a photo, chart and video

Comfortable slippers, by their own hands, can become not only a great addition to your home's wardrobe, but also a wonderful gift for friends and relatives. Make such a gift by means of spokes and thread is not difficult, To do this, only know the basics of this manual needlework, like knitting. Assign spokes slippers like you can on five spokes, and two, buying new yarn, or by using, present in the residue, old. We propose to consider and that is another option, and then choose the most suitable.

How to knit slippers two spokes

Slippers SledkovТапочки следки

The easiest way, by which tie spokes slippers- sledki it is possible for a very small period of time, is the creation of seamless Slippers – sledkov using a circular or regular needles. Therefore, this option is recommended for all beginners needlewomen. Procedure for knitting slippers - Sledkov next:

  • Vymeryat foot size, We define and calculate the density of knitting, depending on the required number of loops, then knit spokes Sledkov slippers.
  • We collect the spokes on the required number of loops, considering, that their number should be odd.
  • then knit 1 number of simple rubber band 1 × 1.
  • In the second row we divide the canvas into three parts, the average of which must be 3 eyelet. This is done for the symmetry of the pattern executed. And provyazyvaem number pattern gum, but when you come to the middle part, performs interleaving: nakid, front and in the completion of the middle part again perform sc. Further, a number continuing to knit the main pattern.
  • 3-first and all odd rows until the 17th all the loops knit strictly according to the drawing, and sc of previous row purl loop provyazyvaem.
  • 4-Again th provyazyvaem select the middle part of the three loops and provyazyvaem number to it in drawing, and then carry out the alternation again: nakid, LP, nakid, LP, nakid, LP, nakid.i then again knit in pattern.
  • 6 and the following even-numbered rows to 16 Similar Containers knit 4th, releasing the middle part, provyazyvaya loop before and after it according to the picture of the previous row, as well as making the sc before each loop the middle three loops and after.
  • 17 series change pattern on the front surface of the loops and knit a number of facial.
  • 18 knit in pattern number, according purl pattern.
  • AT 19 series begin forming pyatochku. For this to an average number of loops provyazyvaem front embroidery, do not forget to decrease 1 loop in front of her, then provyazyvaem middle front loop, do again 1 decrease. Further knitting turn, and then knit two purl loops, 1 wrong and wrong again decrease loop. Under the same scheme provyazyvaem ranks, gradually forming the rear part of the sole, until the spokes will not remain 2 spokes side portions. Then, on the rear of the slipper seam Sledkov loops rise again in the same manner using subtraction heel connected.
  • The shutdown slipper polustolbikami edge banded with a hook, and then the same pattern master of the second.

How to knit slippers, hosiery needles

Knit slippers using hosiery needles also simple and easy. For example, the description proposed knitted with needles for slippers female legs 38 size:

  • The product is starting to build with heels. To do this, type in the total 24 loops and spread to hosiery needles for 6 petelek.
  • And then for 22 rows knit circle stocking st.
  • Form a wall on the heels slipper must be on the same principles, as if you were going knit socks. To do this in the loop are only located on two spokes from the heels, that need to throw one and provyazyvaem desired height heels. Then, from the loop, left on the sides, provyazyvaetsya on 12 loops and all received provyazyvayutsya loop back and forth ten rows stocking st.
  • Как вязать тапочки чулочными спицамиThe next step is made on two additional loops every two rows on each side of a number of, provyazyvaniya by three loops from one.
  • The next row evenly on a number of do increase 10 petelek, then distribute all of the resulting loops on hosiery knitting needles and knit stocking st canvas high.
  • Stepping back from the heels about 20 cm, starting to perform subtraction for mysochkah by the following scheme: through two rows one decrease, then 4 times do one ubavochnoy loop in the next row, then subtraction made in each row is already up to the last eyelet.

Tell you more, how to knit slippers spokes video shown below:

If desired, the slipper can be done with a cuff, To do this, on the edge of slipper stretched loops and several ryadochkov provyazyvayutsya pattern gum, as well as to decorate the front embroidery, and to sew fur cuff.

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