How to knit slippers hook

Как вязать тапочки крючкомSlippers - is an essential element of every home, that you can create and independently. To do this, just pick up the hook and thread, as well as to learn the basic rules of crochet slippers and understand the principles of the process. Knit slippers for adults and children the best of the densest thread.
Consider a few examples of knitting this house shoes.

Slippers flip flops

To create this beautiful model, you first need to make the necessary measurements of the foot and then the pattern on them. Выкройка тапочек

For those, who for some reason is not possible to make the fitting, It proposed to use the following table:Таблица размеров тапочек

The very knitting is so easy, that should not cause any difficulty, absolutely none. The sequence of execution of work after all necessary preparations next:

  • Provyazyvaetsya sledushek. We begin to knit it with heels. For this purpose recruited the required number of loops according to the pattern. Then heels forming bumps and without knit sc in the direction back and forth, several times on each side adding one eyelet, until the end of heels. After that, until the middle of the foot provyazyvaetsya smooth fabric and again on both sides made at the beginning and end of a row adding one eyelet. After which the web provyazyvaetsya until the end of the little finger, and since that time made uniform subtraction at the beginning and end of the series, in the amount of 3-4 time.
  • Create a top part. This part is knitted from bottom to top with the decrease. To do this, we collect the appropriate size of the number of loops, then provyazyvaem rows columns without sc, do not forget to do subtraction middle blade every three rows, until dovyazhem to the desired height.
  • Assembling products. Attach the top portion to the sole and the edge provyazyvaem compound connecting two parts column.
  • The second knitted slipper similarly. In the end, it turns out that's so cute slippers:Тапочки шлепкиIf desired, the finished products can be decorated with pompoms, or tie crochet flowers application.

Children's slippers

Knitting children's slippers can fantasize as much as necessary, to the product getting comfortable in the end, fun and even a little funny, so that was pleasant to the child.
tell, as baby knit crochet slippers video shown below:

Crochet slippers squaresВязанные крючком тапочки из квадратов

Like many products, generated via slippers hook can also be made of several parts motifs, squares e.g.. Let us consider, how it's done:
At the beginning of the work as well as in previous versions of pattern pieces created, then vyvyazyvayut motives in turn, according to the selected scheme, eg, like in the image above, you can crochet square, called granny or such as shown below in SchemeСхема вязания квадрата крючком. Provyazyvaetsya he follows:

  • It creates a circle of a chain of 4 pp. At the beginning of the series provyazyvaetsya 3 lifting loop, in the end is a connecting bar. At the beginning of each row is knitted on one bar less, than following the same arc.
  • 1-a number. The ring gets engaged 11 v s / n.
  • 2p. In each column of the preceding row provyazyvaetsya two Article s / n, and are connected with the following 1 pp.
  • 3p. The air loop of the second row are made of three arcs with item / n and are connected with the following 1 time 3 pp. and twice 1 pp.
  • 4p. The three air arc third row provyazyvayutsya: 2 v s / n, pp, 1 v s / n, pp, 2 v s / n, which is connected with the next arc 1 pp, and in an arc from one ce. getting into 3 v s / n and also connected to the following 1 pp.
  • 5-th number of extreme fit follows: The arc of 2 to get involved ce 3 dw with / n and 1 just connect 3 pp, and second 1 pp. with the following column, in an arc of 1 pp. also provyazyvaem 3 v s / n and combine with the following columns 1 pp.

If desired, the squares on the following scheme can be knit monophonic, or provyazyvaya each row or two different colors.

Slippers are connected in the following way. At first, four squares connecting columns. Then the resulting square and four motif is set in a diamond shape and a front portion of the bottom corner edge overlaps another portion and two portions sewn together. Heel first sewn to the sole, then the lateral side of the triangle and heels, are closer to each other, divided into three parts and the proximal portion are stapled together, the same is done on the other side. After all compounds slippers can tie adjacent one on top polustolbikov.

seamless slippersБесшовные тапочки

The process of creating such slippers next:
1.Knit sole according to the scheme:

  • Бесшовные тапочки: схема подошвы recruit 23 at. P. In each row, making the beginning, by 3 at. P.
  • 1p. reserve 3 at. P. for lifting the row and the next provyazyvaem 2 Article. s / n, then until the end of the chain in each case on the loop 1 Article. s / n, and in the latter adds more 4 Article. s / n. Then knit in a circle on the other side of the chain Article. s / n in each loop, and in the first loop of the chain of air to get involved more 3 Article. s / n.
  • 2p. The third loop lift do 3 Article. s / n, then in each loop of a number in a circle provyazyvaem 15 Article. s / n, 20 polustolbikov, 14 Article. s / n, by 2 Article. s / n between the number of eyelets.

2.Knit top products.

  • Thread breaks and pulls out 3 polustolbika heels 3 at. P. and tied sledushek Article. s / n.
  • The first row of the top again provyazyvaem 56 Article. s / n
  • 2p. 3 Article. s / n, 2 Article. s / n from one loop, 5 Article. s / n, 2 Article. s / n from one loop, 12 Article. s / n, 1 skip the loop, *2 Article. s / n of 2, knit together, 2 fold 2 loop with Article. s / n, provyazyvaem two loops together and from the same point of doing more 1st Class. s / n,* 2 loops together 1 Article. s / n, 2 Article. Further provyazyvaem portion from * to * and do 10 Article. s / n.
  • 3p 26 Article. s / n,(2 Article. s / n from one loop, 1 Article. s / n)- repeat 5 p, 10 Article. s / n.
  • 4p. 25 Article. s / n, (2 Article. s / n from one loop, 2 Article. s / n) - repeat 6 p, 8 Article. s / n.
  • 5p. Undergirding the entire slippers Article. s / n.

Edge trim slipper soles rachim step and in the same way we create a second pair.
If desired, slipper decorate embroidery, any flower, hooked.

models of slippers, which can be created using a hook and yarn not count: this slippers Sledkov, and slap, and even sneakers in the form of small animals, tufelek or kedov. Learn how to create these little masterpieces cozy and everyone can, important to show a little patience and include more of his imagination.

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